Yay, Me!!!

So, right before I got pregnant with Noah, I was the thinnest I’d been since before my wedding (which still wasn’t quite as thin as I’d like, but I was getting somewhere). And I had this amazing pair of jeans that I loooved. Not like I feel “hot” very often, but when I had these jeans on I did. Of course, then I got pregnant and had to pack them away. And I was sad about that. And even sadder when I didn’t lose the baby weight and had to keep them packed away.

This morning, with the sun shining bright, and the promise of warm weather on the way, I got out all my spring clothes (finally). In the tote was a pair of size 10 jeans that I thought I’d mistakenly donated during one of my frenized decluttering sessions. They were jeans that I liked a lot so I put them on and… holy crap. They kept falling off! (I had also bought jeans this weekend, size 10, and when I wore them yesterday they too kept falling down).

So, I decided to dig out the “hot jeans.” I really didn’t think I’d fit into them, however I am wearing them as I type! Oh yes! It would appear that I am back in single digit sizes. I don’t mean to sound braggy, it’s just that I am really proud of myself because since January 6, I have really been working hard at this, and it has not always been easy. I have had to exert a lot of self control, which isn’t always my strong point. (Who, me impulsive?). Ideally, I still have another 10 pounds or so to go, but I’m finally starting to feel much better about myself.

5 thoughts on “Yay, Me!!!

  1. Lisanne

    That is *soooooo* awesome, Carol! Single digits?!? I haven’t worn that since … what, high school? hehe đŸ™‚ I’m envious. Congratulations!

  2. flygrrl

    Hooray for you! It is a really good feeling. I finally dropped my last couple of “baby pounds” training for that 5K race. Having a goal like that really helped keep me motivated. Now to just keep it off during ice cream season…


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