Worn Out

Is May over yet? Because the last couple weeks have zapped every ounce of energy and patience I have. Last week was rough. Here are just a few things we were dealing with: a sick little girl (thought it was Lyme Disease, but the blood test came back negative, thank goodness!), a very busy week at school, several days worth of house guests, and a memorial service an hour away. But it gets better…

Sunday, after Drew’s father and stepmother left, I decided to finish planting some annuals. The window boxes on the shed looked pretty and my whiskey barrel was filled with impatiens. Then, I set to finishing up about 4 loads of laundry that needed to be folded and put away. Pretty happy with everything I accomplished, I decided to treat myself to a dish of ice cream. Only when I took my Talenti gelato out of the freezer, it was totally and completely melted.

Everything had a layer of frost. This did not look good. Then, I noticed that it wasn’t running. So I pulled it out, vaccumed the back, cleaned up the area around it, and crossed my fingers. About 20 min. later it started running again, so I put a thermometer in the freezer to monitor the temperature. After 2 hours of running it was still at 35 degrees.

Long story short… it died. The refrigerator (at this point) was still cool, so we transferred what made sense and after the Memorial Day parade on Monday, we went to Lowe’s to purchase a new fridge. We found one we really liked and were told that they only had the floor model at our store. But another store nearby had two in stock. We could call them. Well, I was a little miffed that the sales rep didn’t offer to facilitate the sale for us there, but whatever. We got home, Drew called, and in the course of things was disconnected three or four times. So he went online and called the generic 800-number and got someone who was willing to help.

We thought we were all set and ready for a Wednesday morning delivery. Yesterday when we woke up, it was apparent that the fridge section was now also dead, so we were very eager to get our new appliance.

This morning. 7 a.m. Drew leaves for work. 7:10 the phone rings. I see that it is the Lowe’s store that had the fridge and silly me got all excited about a delivery confirmation. Nope. It was the delivery manager who was just checking to make sure I knew that this fridge was a floor model. With a dent. Ugh, my heart just sank. I knew we didn’t want a floor model, but naturally wanted to talk to Drew before making any decisions.

After several calls back and forth, the wonderful delivery manager at this store located a new, in-the-box fridge at another local store and organized everything so that it will be delivered tomorrow afternoon. I’m bummed we’re not getting it today, but at this point, what’s one more day?

So currently I have a cooler filled with chicken and steak that I grilled on Monday. The steaks were supposed to be for Laura’s birthday party on Sunday but at this point I don’t think I can serve those. I was seriously crying over all the food we had to pitch. But what are you going do?

I’m just hoping that the month of June will be much kinder to us!

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  1. Oh I hate it when the fridge goes out, so much food that gets spoiled. Sorry about that.

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