Where Does He Get This Stuff?

I thought this was really funny. Yesterday I got the boys Happy Meals because I was ill-prepared and out at lunchtime and they both were super hungry. Jake wanted one of the Littlest Pet Shop toys. I never let him play with the toy until after he has finished eating, so there we were at home, and he was really excited to open up the prize. It was this little sheep and he was in love with it! He started having a conversation with the sheep about how it was time to go for a bath so he could get his wool cut to make some yarn. LOL! I guess he really was paying attention at the Sheep & Wool Festival last fall!

Meanwhile, it’s snowing out! We got maybe 1/8th of an inch last night. I admit that it’s very pretty. And Jake is excited to make snow angels later. I’ve also rediscoverd my French Press. It’s been a long time since I drank coffee on a regular basis, but in the last Knitter’s Teaswap, I was gifted a press pot — a nice small one, unlike the huge Bodum I had in college. So I bought some Dunkin Donuts coffee (I prefer it to Starbucks, though I got the Green Mountain Coffee catalog yesterday and, well… I might have to place an order!) and I’ve been enjoying it lately. Go figure — I can’t brew a pot of coffee to save my life (because it’s been so long), but I can make a rocking cup one at a time. Mmm. A lovely winter morning, indeed.

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  1. I *love* Dunkin’ Donuts coffee … and so do my parents! 🙂 They like the Green Mountain stuff, too [but can’t get it where they live]. I have a French press ~ received it as a bridal shower gift but haven’t really used it much. I’d *love* to figure out how … I know that it’s easy, but it always seems like the coffee turns out *way* too strong for my liking. Will have to experiment. Price Chopper’s “Central Market” coffee is good, too.

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