What’s In My Bag

What's in my bag I decided to clean out my purse this morning. It was stuffed with old receipts, coupons, notes, wrappers, and loose change. And, of course, I have decided to blog about what is now in there:

  • My wallet (obviously) containing cash along with a couple credit cards, health insurance cards, and discount cards.
  • Three different lipglosses, all shades of pink.
  • Deposit slips. I keep meaning to put these in the desk!
  • Hand lotion and hand sanitzier.
  • Three pony tail holders.
  • Two rubber bands. (Why and how these got in there, I have no idea.)
  • My iPod. (Long drives are so much better with my MP3 player.)
  • Spearmint gum. I chew gum when I am stressed or nervous. Did you know that?
  • Silver hoop earrings. In case I forget to put some on when I leave the house, this pair goes with pretty much everything.
  • Cell phone.
  • Four pens. Why four? I think that when I see them around the house I just throw them into my purse so Noah doesn’t get them and write all over the furniture.
  • Calendar. I don’t really use it, but I have it just in case I need to look up a date.
  • My keys. I really have to scale down the keychains. While I adore the keyless entry features on our vehicles, I hate how bulky the keychains are. Plus, there’s the new one I got from the Toyota dealership, the cute sheep I got from the last dishcloth swap, and my tried-and-true key fob from Sommer Designs that I got in The Sampler way back when.
  • When I am out with the kids I throw in a couple bags of fruit snacks, a bag of crackers, a diaper or two, and a zipper bag with some wipes. Good to go!

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