What a Weird Day


Ah yes. Well-played, Mother Nature. Well-played indeed. Spring may start tomorrow, but oh we had one (hopefully) final winter blast overnight and into the day. The kids’ school had a two-hour delay and just as they were settled into classes, a second wave of snow blasted through the Hudson Valley. Ugh!

Also, it was one of those days when everyone decided to get up at the crack of dawn. (More like pre-dawn!). Laura started calling for me before 5 a.m. and despite my attempts to settle her back to bed, I found myself watching “Timmy Time” at about 5:20. At least there was a pot of coffee.

So, it was a rough start. But then, around lunchtime the doorbell rang. It was FedEx with a delivery for me!


Those beautiful roses that Drew gave me for Valentine’s Day? Yes, well… they were beautiful for a day or so, but then almost none of them opened. So the buds just kind of withered away. Drew wrote a letter to the customer service department of the company he bought the flowers from and was issued a credit. He ordered me that beautiful succulent garden! What a lovely surprise on such a yucky day.

But it just got better. On a whim,  I joined a Twitter party, sponsored in part by Clever Girls Collective (I’m sure you’ve noticed that from time to time I do sponsored posts as a member of their blog network). Well, I ended up getting chosen for one of the prizes — an American Express gift card. Crazy!


We ended up opening a bottle of wine to have with dinner. Yes, this was a little bit fancy for our Crock Pot chicken tacos, but that’s OK. It wasn’t doing any good in the wine fridge.


And then it was time for Jake to get ready for Boy Scouts. It’s his first Court of Honor ceremony tonight, and I feel so bad that I’m missing it but trust me — I’d be doing no one any favors by bringing a tired three-year-old to this meeting. There will be another time.

So now the dishwasher is running, Laura is fast asleep, Noah is reading in bed and as for myself? Why, I do think a bit of crochet is in order. I haven’t done much over the last week, so I think I’ll take advantage of the quiet time, make a cup of chai and grab my yarn and hook and see what comes of it.

Have a great night!

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