What a Week

Well, I had every intention of writing a few blog posts this week, but… it just didn’t happen. So instead I’ll give you a quick recap. It was such a weird week here. Hopefully things will get back on track next week.

I’d planned to tell you all about the Lewis Black show Drew took me to for an early birthday present. It was so great! His mom watched the kids and we went into the city last Saturday night. Times Square was ridiculous. I know that it’s the place most tourists like to see, and I try to keep that in mind, but I don’t have the patience for it anymore, LOL… Nevertheless, it makes for a cool picture.


Then it was over to the Richard Rogers Theatre!


I loved the eclectic mix that comprises Lewis Black’s fan base. From young to old, it ran the gamut! The show itself was very funny and included topical bits (including spouting off about the VP debate) that were just right on target. Love him!


But when we got back home Sunday night, after the trip to the Botanical Garden and ComicCon, we quickly realized that something wasn’t right with our cat. To make a long, heartbreaking story short, we made the difficult decision to put her to sleep on Tuesday. Her bloodwork came back with very bad news, and considering her age… well, she was just not well at all. I do love this photo I took of her, not long before we talked again to the vet. I’d spread out a tablecloth to take photos of a recipe I plan on posting, and as soon as I carried the bowl back to the counter, she plopped down to watch the world outside.


Drew had her for 15 years, and I’ve been with him for 14 of those. She definitely had personality, and she is missed. I keep thinking that I hear her coming through the cat door. So sad!

It was a hard week.

But the weekend is here. We don’t really have anything going on, so that’s nice. After all our driving around last weekend, I’m looking forward to just hanging out at home.

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  1. So sorry to hear of your cat. Thinking of you and the family.
    Regarding Times Square, you sound like me and Hollywood. Tourists love to go there, but every time I have to drive there, I think how much I hate it and want to be back in my suburbs 🙂

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