what a mess…


Although you can’t really tell from this photo, Laura got into my makeup bag the other day. I like to use natural makeup, which tend to be in powdered form, so you can only imagine the mess! Let me assure you that the Bare Minerals Warmth sticks to pretty much everything. She also managed to find my favorite eyeliner and used it as a crayon. At least she couldn’t open my lip gloss!

Irritating as it was, the fact is that I need to replace my makeup anyway. It’s old and let’s face it — with spring on the way, some new shades would be a nice pick-me-up, so I think I’ll be treating myself. It will also be an opportunity to pare down a bit. I do wear makeup almost every day, but I can do without a zillion eye shadow shades and colors of gloss that just sit around in my makeup bag. Time to keep it simple!

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  1. Tamara says:

    Oh no! Have your boys ever done anything like that? My three boys never mess with my makeup or anything in the bathroom so it has always made me wonder if it’s just a girl thing to mess with mommy’s makeup or do boys do it too and I have been extremely lucky?

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