What a day

Why is it that on the days I am cranking and getting so much done, that the day seems to drag on an on? I swear it makes no sense. I’ve gotten a ton of things done today. I’ve washed and folded 8.4 billion loads of laundry (OK it was more like 3). I cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer. I reorganized our Tupperware cabinet (why does nothing match up?). I redid the binder I keep all of Jake’s school papers in (permission slips, lunch menus, etc.). I started cutting paper for the birthday invitations to his party. I cleaned out the recycling. I took out the trash. Seriously, I feel like I’ve done everything except hang a
TV wall mount! Not that we have one, but I mean that I really have nothing left to do except make dinner. And it’s barely 3 PM! How does that happen?

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  1. Lisanne says:

    Wow. You have gotten a LOT done. You should be proud of yourself! We have those Tupperware containers that are on a lazy Susan-type thing. All the lids are the same. We LOVE it! I think it was one of those “as seen on TV” things.

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