Weird Weekend

mum's the word This whole weekend has just been a weird one. It started yesterday morning. I was up in our bedroom getting my clothes for the day when I noticed an ambulance turn around in the driveway across the street. This was minutes after I’d seen a flatbed tow truck on the road. I put my flip-flops on and went outside to ask Drew (who had been stacking firewood) if he heard anything. He hadn’t. I walked to the bottom of our driveway and looked down the street and discovered there had been an accident! A car had gone off the road and crashed in our woods. Drew and I stood by the road watching them pull the car out and telling drivers that they couldn’t get through (unless they wanted to wait).

Afterwards, Drew walked down to check it out and was talking to one of the officers. They think the guy fell asleep while driving and just went off the road. The driver was OK, but pretty banged up. I’m not sure if he was from the area or what, but hopefully if he wasn’t he had some kind of travel medical insurance. But that’s not all. The night before, a pickup had spun out and crashed into the woods on the other side of the street! Though I think that incident had more to do with speed and a wet road. The speed limit on the street is 35 MPH, and cars regularly drive in excess of 55 MPH. The officer mentioned that they’ll see about putting a radar unit on this end of the road and I hope they do. We’re far enough away from the road that I don’t worry about the boys running down there, but it’s a very rural area and there are plenty of deer and wild turkeys running around. I wish people would use their common sense.

After that all happened I read an e-mail from my editor, who had given me the wrong deadline. I had to completely rearrange my plans yesterday morning so I could crank out two feature articles. Plus, it’s been so muggy because of Hurricane Kyle (though I was joking with my dad the humidity is here because I just put flannel sheets on the beds, LOL).

Other than that it’s been an OK weekend. Yesterday I bought two baskets of mums for our front entrance (though they are not the ones in this photo — those are in one of my flower beds). Maybe on Wednesday I’ll go and get some cornstalks to tie to the front stairs and place the baskets of mums at the bottom. The leaves are really starting to change, especially with the rain we’ve gotten in the last couple of days, so I want to make the outside of our house look festive!

Hope you all have enjoyed your weekends and that your week is off to a good start!

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  1. Wow! It sounds like a crazy weekend. How sad about the accidents. It seems like you have been very busy. You mentioned that your editor gave you the wrong deadline, I don’t mean to be noisy but who do you write for? I would love to read what you write.
    Just wondering if it was a magazine.
    Have you been able to do any stitching. I love to crochet and knit. I knit a hat for my son this weekend.

  2. wow I hope the cops do something to get people to slow down in your area… but I can’t wait to see what the front area looks like once you are done decorating…

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