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Well it’s been quite a while since I participated in Menu Plan Monday. I’ve been winging it lately, and sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t. This is just a general guide. With lots going on, both socially and with the construction work on the house, some nights it might be easier/less stressful to just run out or get a pizza or something. It’s certainly a “play it by ear” kind of week! But anyway:

Sunday: Sausage parm sandwiches – Drew made a big pot of delicious sauce, but in the process we discovered that the Sclafani tomatoes just aren’t as good (in our opinion) as the Tuttorosso. The Sclafani are more acidic or something. The sauce was still delicious, but… we both admit that it’s so much better with our preferred brand.

Monday: Chicken scarpariello – I’m reworking the version I made last year. Last week Dara tried a new version and between her post, and my mother-in-law mentioning a chicken scarp slice of pizza she had the other day, it’s been on my mind. I’m using bulk sausage (a mix of hot and sweet), a different brand of hot vinegar peppers (and perhaps fewer of them), and this time including potatoes in the dish to hopefully soak up extra heat. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday: Soup and sandwiches or leftovers – I’ll be driving down to Westchester to drop Noah off at his grandma’s, so no major cooking for me. I want to make it quick and easy

Wednesday: Grilled steak, grilled vinegar potatoes (recipe from the new issue of Martha Stewart living), chop salad – I’m lucky to have a “me day” on Wednesday (until 3:30 when Jake gets home from school), so I’m planning on one of my favorites for dinner 🙂 I’m also getting a haircut, believe it or not. I made the appointment and everything! The last time I had a trim was in August, so I figure that I am due.

Thursday: Go out (?) We’ll be attending the K-2 concert at Jake’s school in the afternoon, so maybe afterward we’ll go to Texas Roadhouse. Maybe.

Friday:  Burgers, potato salad, black bean salad

Saturday: Let me think about this one…

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