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OK, here we go! It’s Monday, and I’m trying to get back on track with life. Last week was like a mini vacation after selling the store. Lots of fun and relaxing and eating out, but obviously that doesn’t last forever. It’s been challenging participating in MPM because we pick up our farm share on Tuesdays, and I never quite know what I’m going to get. I try to guess by reading the farm interns’ blogs, but I’m not always right 😉 I’ve given up on the weird greens and instead offered them to the outdoor critters. I’m sure they will enjoy them. There’s no point in forcing myself to eat something I hate. We always get way more lettuce than we can handle, so I’d rather focus on eating salads full of veggies I enjoy, you know? At any rate, this is what we will tentatively be eating.


Cereal & milk, yogurt and granola, waffles & sausage, or eggs & Canadian bacon


Big salads, tuna “wraps” using lettuce, leftovers


Mo: Chicken picatta, pasta salad with olives and red onions, steamed broccoli (from CSA)
Tu: Spaghetti & meatballs, tossed salad (greens from CSA)
We: Baked stuffed sole, sauteed zucchini, peas, and squash (from CSA)
Th: Dinner salads or something equally light. We’re celebrating Jake’s last day of school at the Pizza Hut lunch buffet (gift card from credit card points!), so we probably won’t be too hungry
Fr: Dinner at The Federal with Mike & Kathy (can’t wait for this!!!)
Sa: ??? Either eating out or at my parents’
Su: Hamburgers, slaw (possibly getting kohlrabi in tomorrow’s share, we’ll see), baked beans

If nothing else, it’s a guideline, right? For more menu plan ideas, visit Organizing Junkie.

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  1. I *looooove* having big salads for lunch (and dinner). Mmm, your menu plan sounds awesome! I’ll have to bookmark that kohlrabi slaw recipe (we might get some of that through our CSA later). Mmm, Pizza Hut’s lunch buffet! Drool! Lucas *loves* Pizza Hut! And it’s so cheap for the kids (free!). I love that pasta salad that you make. I’m going to do your oriental coleslaw for the cookout this weekend.

  2. that sounds like a great plan! What do you do with the baked sole?

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