Wedding Gifts

Whee!!! My brother’s wedding is only like two weeks away, I can’t believe it. I do not envy my brother and sister-in-law-to-be, though. I remember how stressful this time was with all the last minute stuff. They’ve been extremely organized, though, and everything is under control, but still… there’s always something. K. was asking me the other day what I had given Drew for a wedding gift. I had thought about giving him silver cufflinks because that’s pretty traditional, but if you know me or if you know Drew, you know that we are pretty casual people and don’t really have many occasions to wear anything besides jeans — let alone fancy cufflinks! I ended up getting him a pocket watch. I guess in theory it’s just as useless because all it’s done for the past six years is sit in the box in a drawer. Every year I think about getting him a display case for it, and then I forget all about it. Anyway, I’m not sure if K. still needs ideas, but in case she does… if you’re married, what did you get your husband for a wedding gift?

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  1. CUFF LINKS! hahahahahaha 🙂

    They sit in a drawer, too.

  2. Gift? He got me, what more did he need?

  3. I gave Ben a journal. In it, I wrote down all the poems and cute quotes and phrases we considered and/or used for our wedding and the programs.

  4. Um yea, we just didn’t do this. We had a hard enough time coming up with gifts for the wedding party. We also don’t usually do gifts for each other throughout the year (anniversaries, b’days, etc.) … can’t you just feel the romance in our house?

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