Way to go…

There goes my NaBloPoMo crown. I completely forgot to write yesterday. Oh well… I guess the pressure is off for the rest of the month now! This weekend was kind of a blur, actually. I didn’t really do anything noteworthy. Yesterday I went shopping to take advantage of some sales at Kohl’s. Luckily the sale runs through tomorrow because I need to return two shirts that were too big. I didn’t really like the general fit anyway, so hopefully I’ll be able to find two other shirts I like instead.

I’m still kind of in awe of the fact that next week is Thanksgiving. I really feel like it should be two weeks away, and not just one. In case anyone was curious, I did write an article on Thanksgiving wines last week in case you’re looking for ideas. I also flashed my rack in case you wanted to check it ou 😉

I guess that’s about it. Kind of boring today.

2 Replies to “Way to go…”

  1. Darn. I knew this would happen to my feeble brain. I completley forgot you had another blog. Really need to spend like 10 minutes and add some new blogs to my list and subtract a few that are kaput.

    Thanksgiving cannot come soon enough in my book. 5 days in a row off (I don’t work on Mondays) sounds like pure bliss to me, even if we plan to use it to work on getting the house ready to sell.

  2. Damn, Carol! Nice rack!

    LOL!!!!! 😀

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