Unique Kitchen Taps

Sometimes I just look around online for various home decorating items. Today it happened to be water taps for the kitchen and bathroom. Our home came with your standard boring “builder’s quality” faucets. They work well, but they’re not very interesting. Then I found this site called Taps4Less.com which has some really nice kitchen taps. As well they have a nice selection of corner sinks. We have a standard double-sink that is positioned in the corner of our counter, and it’s kind of tiring to stand at it for length of time. I always thought there had to be a better sink for that location and lo and behold I found one on the site. I love this Astracast sink. The built-in colander is a nice feature and would really come in handy. Unfortunately for me the company is in the U.K., but if I lived over there I’d be updating these elements of my kitchen!

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