Typical Wednesday

Do you have one day of the week that seems busier than all the others? For me it’s Wednesdays. Wednesdays really aren’t that much different from other days, except that the boys have religion after school. But somehow this completely changes the day’s dynamic. At least they are shuttled by bus from their school to the parish center, so that saves me a lot of time.

But today it was my turn to bring snack for Jake’s class (donuts and pink lemonade — per his request), so I had to hit the grocery store and then head over to the parish center before all the kids got there, then it was run home, do a few things, and then run back to pick them up. Race home to make dinner (tacos), eat, and make sure D. got  out the door in time for the monthly Cub Scout leader’s meeting.


Luckily for me, the morning and early afternoon weren’t quite so busy. I never got around to making my chicken tikka masala last night, so I decided to throw together a quick curry for lunch since I still craved Indian. When I took out my ginger, I noticed that it had sprouted!


I might try planting it and see what happens. The curry came together quick and made for a comforting lunch. Curry is one of Laura’s favorites (seriously!), so everyone was happy.


After I cleaned up the dishes, we got out the Lalaloopsies. Today they were having a sleepover. I love that she tucked an extra cushion behind her dolly’s head!


And then we topped off the afternoon with some lettuce while watching cartoons. Laura ate — no kidding — at least four lettuce leaves, and then cleaned me out of black olives.


And now I am utterly wiped out. I had to force myself to write this tonight. And tomorrow is a full morning, too… I have to be out and about bright and early by 7 a.m.

Good thing I’m a morning person 😉

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