tv coma

I’m feeling a little dirty lately. You see, last month we were celebrating a full year free from cable/satellite TV. We didn’t have to catch even a moment of stupid shows like American Idol. And while I missed my news programs at first, I just started listening to NPR even more. We had instant streaming on Netflix and then when they released the Wii disk, well… we were totally set! The boys didn’t even miss television much.

But due to Verizon screwing us over by claiming we could get DSL service here, and then after we got our phone service set up, sending us an e-mail saying, “Oh wait… it’s not really available. Sorry,” we had to make some decisions. We had been happy with Vonage, but had a very negative experience when we cancelled after thinking we’d be using Verizon phone service. (This problem, I have to admit, was resolved in the end without much frustration). So we didn’t feel like we wanted to go back to Vonage right now. But the Verizon phone bill was $50. And we were stuck paying $50 for our cable high-speed Internet. So really, if we were forking over $100, we thought we might as well go for the cable company’s Triple Play and get cable thrown in there too.

So the kids have been in a Disney XD coma for the last day or so, LOL. I can’t say there’s anything particularly new and interesting for us on (but at least I get to watch American Pickers now, yay!). The commercials are as wide and varied as ever. One minute, there’s an ad for a local deli. The next, one for Lipovox.

It is nice being able to watch the morning news when Laura gets up, and I’m sure we’ll enjoy some easy entertainment during the winter. Next summer we will look at our situation again and who knows — maybe we’ll be doing another year without cable.

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