Trying Something New (Back to my Blogging Roots)

Well, I don’t know if this will last, or if in a few days or weeks I will delete this blog and go back to where I’ve been writing for the last 19 years, but… I felt like trying something new/old.

The new? Obviously the name. And the web address. The old? Blogger is where I got my start way back in 2000. I’ve found myself really frustrated with the new editor in WordPress, so I thought I would give Blogger a go again. Why not? It’s free and familiar. Kind of like coming home in a sense.

And that brings me to my new blog title. “My Hudson Valley Home” is pretty self-explanatory! I have been wanting to get back to a more journal-esque style of blogging, and while I could certainly do that on my old blog, a fresh start seemed appropriate. I love my adopted home — New York’s Hudson Valley and it has become a huge part of me. And I enjoy writing about all things “home” like my knitting and crochet projects, scrapbooking and memory keeping, sharing recipes, and just rambling on about who-knows-what. I want to create a space that is cozy, friendly, and reflects who I am now. So we will see how it goes!

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