Top Chef Season 3

As much as I eschew the entire genre of reality TV, I just can’t help but get sucked into Top Chef season after season. There’s always an exception to the rule, right? I believe it premiered Monday night, though it wasn’t until last night’s rerun that I caught the first episode of season three. (I’m putting the rest under a cut in case no one wants anything given away)

So far I don’t have a clear favorite. I kind of miss Marcel from season two. Though I despised him most of the time, in the last couple of episode he grew on me and I was actually rooting for him in the final episode. There also is no crush chef for me this time. Last season that honor was held by Sam. There wasn’t too much going on in Season 3 Ep. 1 to really allow the viewers to get to know the contestants. I wasn’t surprised that Clay got the boot. He didn’t strike me as someone skilled or disciplined enough to make it to the end. I’m sure he’s a great chef — he would not have gotten this far otherwise — but yeah… I saw this one coming from the minute he introduced himself.

I did hate how everyone went ga-ga over Anthony Bourdain. I don’t get his appeal. He is, sorry to say, a prick. Years ago I had written a blog entry about Bobby Flay that actually really got people fired up (I think it was simply “Top 10 Reasons I Hate Bobby Flay”). That might be the only time I received hate mail. Well, I would pick Bobby Flay over Anthony Bourdain any day. I’ve read Bourdain’s book, I’ve watched him on TV. Sorry, I’m not impressed. I suppose Bravo and Food & Wine have some kind of deal with him, but there are so many other more professional chefs that could be guest judging. That annoyance aside, I thought the episode was pretty good. The challenge was a little goofy for my taste. Kind of like Fear Factor meets Iron Chef, but I guess they wanted to come up with something whiz-bang! for the premiere.

I’ll be sure to catch the next few episodes and see if I get hooked like the last two times. Did you watch it? What did you think?

4 thoughts on “Top Chef Season 3

  1. flygrrl

    YES! Sam was hot, though I was kind of into Ilan too. When we had cable, Top Chef and Project Runway were my guilty pleasures, even though I generally eschew all reality tv. I also dislike Bobby Flay. So does Adam. Not sure what it is about him. He just seems very… frat guy or something, and just inspires instant dislike. I think if I ever have steady income again, I will probably have to reclaim cable television as a civilized necessity.

  2. Tamara

    I can see how you’d like those shows since you do alot of cooking. Me, I am a terrible cook and just watching those shows makes me hungry and being a chunky chick I have to avoid them! LOL

  3. Sarah

    Oh I used to love Anthony Bourdain! But I haven’t seen him on anything in ages.

    I used to love Bobby Flay, back when he was still a food network newbie, grillin’ and chillin’ I think it was called? But he just seems so cocky now. Blah.


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