Too Much Food Network? Or Not Enough?

I’m not sure if Jake has watched just a little too much FoodTV with me and is inspired to experiment, or if he really hasn’t been paying attention. He decided he wanted to make a sandwich with the two York Peppermint Patties I let him have as a treat while Noah napped. So he went to the fridge and got some lettuce and cheese, put it all together, and ate it. Every bite.

I know it seems icky, but I think it’s fantastic that he has this “no holds barred” attitude when it comes to food. He loves to play and lately will try almost anything (perhaps it’s just one bite, but he’ll try it). He’s been helping me in the kitchen a lot, which I bet is encouraging it. He’s my little sous chef! 🙂


  1. Kati says:

    Now the real question is did you make him wait and pose with his ‘sandwich’ while you went running for the camera or did you just happen to catch the shot impromptu? Either way it is a great story. I know that I have eaten my share of ‘odd’ concoctions in my youth.

    (No mustard on his sandwich huh?)

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