Tonight’s Vibe

Here’s another thing about me: even though I work with the public, I would not call myself a “people person” as they used to say in the 80s and 90s. Most days it is fine, but some days, like today, really stretch my limits. It was a bit of a challenging afternoon, but I made a last-minute decision to order out fish & chips and make an impromptu Ollie’s run with Laura. I bought a few fun things like a new Taste of Home cookbook (because, really, can you ever have enough?),  some new bath poufs, a great deal on Neutrogena Hydro Boost cleanser (which I love) and Laura got fancy conditioner, watermelon lollipops, Cheez-its… It was kind of a silly, fun haul, but much needed. And the fish & chips were absolutely delicious — exactly what I needed to reframe my mind, LOL! Luckily, this is a pretty low-key weekend so this introvert has a lot of time to regroup. 

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  1. Glad you had a chance to recharge a bit. As much as I love being around people, I also need that alone time.

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