Today in Bullets

  • Went to our county library directors association meeting this morning down in Poughkeepsie (I hate having to drive down there, but made it without incident)
  • Had the chance to visit with my former program coordinator who now works down there – I was really glad to catch up a bit!
  • Ate lunch at home real quick on the way back to work.
  • Power outage in the afternoon meant people came into the library for WiFi (we’re on a generator). Power was restored around 3
  • Got home around 4:15. Hubby was trying to troubleshoot why OUR generator wasn’t powering up.
  • Kids requested pizza for dinner. I was too tired to really care, so that’s what we did.
  • Realized the fridge never came back on after the outage, so once Drew got home with the pizza he helped pull out the fridge so I could unplug it and replug it per Samsung troubleshooting. It worked! 
  • Ate, cleaned up the dishes.
  • Changed into pjs and made a decaf tea with vanilla almond milk.
  • Drew and I are both exhausted from this day so we’re watching Barb Wire on Netflix and calling it a night!

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