Today, Bullet Style.

  • I just cannot warm up today! It’s cold outside, it’s cold inside… This winter stuff is for the birds. Oh wait – no, they go South for the winter don’t they? Yup. They have the right idea.
  • This morning I returned the rental car, and I am so glad to have that thing out of our driveway! What a hassle. I still can’t believe the girl never reported the accident to her insurance company. Did she think we weren’t going to call ours? Seriously.
  • Drew’s mom is taking Jake to see Cirque du Soliel tomorrow. I’m a little jealous that his first time in NYC won’t be with me and Drew, but I doubt they’ll be doing much exploring. I’m sure he’ll love it. I know I would!
  • It pays to complain. Our bank account had been with Bank of New York, which recently merged with Chase. Ever since the switch, we’ve been charged fees on our free account. We were starting to consider moving our checking account to a different bank, but finally after writing a very to-the-point letter, the bank manager fixed everything. Still…
  • Looking forward to doing a Beaujolais Nouveau tasting on Sunday. I know, I know. It’s swill, right? Still, I’m curious about the differences between the producers. It might be a big marketing ploy, but I do enjoy tradition. (Until I start thinking about the carbon footprint – might be changing my tune.)

2 Replies to “Today, Bullet Style.”

  1. I am so glad to hear that someone else has issues with BoNY when they became Chase! The area where I work has no Chases, no Duane Reade stores, etc. So I always just go to the bodega. I was so angry when I saw that I was now suddenly getting charged $1.50 for using a non-Chase ATM. When I went to the bank to talk to someone I was told to “Go bank somewhere else.” Literally. (I had explained that Commerce didn’t charge these fees and was thinking about going there.) The guy who told me that no longer works there so win/win I guess.

  2. OK, can I just say… Chase has issues. We were with Bank One, and they got bought out by Chase. My main hassle was with a credit card I applied for and then decided I didn’t want, but I continue to find that you get a different answer depending on who you talk to there, no one can ever seem to clear anything up, and things are just generally stupid.

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