Thursday Night Fun

Bardavon Marquee

One of the nicer things about being a mom to older kids is having the freedom to go out without need for a sitter! Last night we saw comedian Tom Papa at the fabulous Bardavon 1869 Opera House in Poughkeepsie. (We saw Jon Stewart there recently as well!) I love the marquee, don’t you?

Tom put on a great show — one of the best comedy shows we have seen recently (honestly, I think he was even better than Jerry Seinfeld)! I love his humor because it also has heart. If you have the chance, definitely catch him on tour!

2 Replies to “Thursday Night Fun”

  1. Yes! I agree! I always thought I would be lost when my little ones weren’t quite so little. There are many blessings that come with age, however, and that is one of them. I love the photo and am glad you had a great time! Have a cozy Sunday afternoon, my friend.

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