Things I Love

♥ The dandelions that constantly find their way into my little vases in the kitchen.
♥ Coffee. How did I got for 2+ years without it?
♥ My microfiber mop. Nothing captures the cat hair off of the hardwood floor as well as it does.
♥ Snail mail. I’ve been getting so many cool freebies in the mail lately. It’s like a party in my mailbox everyday!
♥ Springtime sunsets
♥ Pomegranate seltzer. I have a couple different pomegranate liqueurs at home – I think I’ll try some cocktails this summer.

How about you? What is tickling your fancy these days?

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  1. I’ve been drinking some vanilla-flavored seltzer (by Polar). Love that stuff! Hmm … I still have the vanilla vodka that you gave me … any ideas for a yummy cocktail combining the two?

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