Things I Am Unhappy About Today

1) The fact that I have to wash every piece of bedding (down comforter, bedspread, blankets, sheets, and mattress pad) because when we went to bed last night at 10:30, I laid down and curled up with the blankets, only to take in the odor of cat pee. Maggie must have gotten stuck in our room with the door closed, or else just generally upstairs (there is a door at the top of the stairs to close off the upstairs) and decided that my side of the bed was a great place to take a leak.

2) The fact that MetLife is making us get a photo inspection for the Corolla, even though we bought it brand-new! So today I have to head over to the place in Red Hook, and have that done.

3) The fact that it is 13 degrees out. ‘Nuff said.

4) The fact that as I was washing dishes, Noah came up and started patting my butt while saying “oink, oink, oink.” Yeah. Way to make me feel good. Guess I won’t be shopping for sexy corsets anytime soon! (Not like I’d be wearing a corset anyway! LOL…)

Sigh… Let’s hope the day gets better!

4 Replies to “Things I Am Unhappy About Today”

  1. Why do cats always pick the worst places to do things? I’ve always noticed that when the cat needs to puke, she picks some place that requires me to get down on my hands and knees, then crawl under something to clean it up. I think they do it on purpose!

  2. Ugh! That sucks about Maggie! Eww … what a nasty thing to discover when you’re heading to bed.

    It’s freaking CHILLY outside today! Ugh! I hate winter *soooooo* much! 🙁

    Noah! Be good to your mommy! LOL! 🙂

  3. Ugh… I’ve slept in a cat pee bed before … long story. ICK though. Sorry it’s going badly … hope things improve.

  4. Oh you poor thing! There is nothing grosser than cat pee. Our older cat, when he was a kitten used to pee everywhere until we had him neutered and it was an absolute nightmare! Adding a little baking soda to your wash will help eliminate the odor and stains.

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