They’re all the same

Funny how after three realtors you pick up on their tricks and realize they all must study from the same book. Our contract with C21 is up on Monday. Our realtor, with whom I haven’t spoken in nearly a month, just called to let me know someone wants to see the house today at 4. The previous two realtors also had these sudden, urgent, eleventh-hour showings. So I said fine, send them over, but they shouldn’t expect the house to be in pristine condition. “Oh no, no, of course not. They have small children, too.” Then she asked about renewing the contract. I politely but sternly explained that yes, Drew and I had talked about it and no, we are not interested in renewing. They can pick up the sign and lock box at their earliest convenience.



  1. sherry says:

    Are you serious?! That’s awfully ballsy of her to try to renew the contract! I really hope you have better luck in the new year with your house selling endeavors!

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