the weeks just fly…

First rosebud of the year

I know that every season seems busy, but for some reason I find the spring incredibly hectic. There’s Little League, Cub Scouts, and lots of other school activities. Plus, outside upkeep on the house and all the regular day-to-day stuff. I’m not complaining, but time really does seem to fly.

I had lots of ideas for blog posts this week, but just never had the time sit down and write them all out. Oh well… It really was a busy week. We had a birthday party on Sunday, I chaperoned a field trip on Tuesday, designed and ordered Laura’s birthday invitations, and yesterday I successfully completed a marathon freezer cooking session.

I put away three dinners worth of chicken in marinades (just thaw & grill), three lunches’ worth of shredded Buffalo chicken, a batch of chicken curry, two meals’ worth of broccoli cheese soup (plus a little extra), a batch of zucchini chips (Laura ate just about all of them — two zucchinis worth! — as soon as I took them out of the dehydrator), a dozen Oopsie Rolls, and a batch of Energy Balls. I had plans to make my coconut flour pumpkin muffins, but after three hours of cooking, I was beat and Laura’s tolerance had worn off. Still, I was really happy with everything I got done. It’s a small investment of time for how much it will simplify life for me in the coming weeks!

Today I have to do some puttering around the house and then I am hoping to fit in a little crochet or sewing. Happy Friday!

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