The joys of motherhood

I will admit it, and anyone who knows me in person, or has known me well online also knows that I am not one of these love-every-minute-of-it-moms. I have to crack up when I read some blogs (fear not — no one on my blogroll) where these women seem to just be in a motherhood-incuded coma and never complain at all about their kids. Get real! I know that their kids are not perfect angels. I love my boys more than anything, but sure as Hell they make me crazy.

Today had to have been one of the worst days I’ve had with Noah since he was a teeny tiny baby. He’s been getting up around 4AM again (lovely!), fighting his naps (how wonderful!), not eating well (oh, isn’t that just darling!), and being an all-around pest. I know most of this is his age. With Jake it was not the terrible twos as much as the terrible pre-twos, and Noah is following in those footsteps. Jake has also been at his Grandma’s since Saturday which I think has been compounding Noah’s bad attitude. The two of them are super close, and Noah clearly idolizes his big brother. I am sure he’s missed him and will be so happy to have him back home tomorrow. But man, he was rough today. Thankfully he went to sleep without much arguing tonight. The poor boy is so freaking tired! He needs some serious Zzzz’s. Why do children take sleep for granted? If they only knew…

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  1. *hugs* I feel for you. Liam is the one I butt heads with the most. He’s my “no!” boy. When he doesn’t get his way he crosses his arms looks away and does this spitting “pppfftttt” noise. It was funny the first 1354332 times. Now it just drives me bonkers!

    Obviously, I am not in the motherhood-induced coma club!

    I hope tomorrow is a better day!

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