The Boring White Meat

Because of our crazy schedule, and also because it’s impossible to all sit down and eat together when you have a not-quite-two-year-old, I’ve been rotating a lot of the same dishes and getting pretty bored with them. So last night I decided to grill pork chops. Now, I have never particularly liked any kind of pork except for sausage (and occasionaly ribs). Pork roast? Bleh. Pork tenderloin? If I have to. Pork chops? Pass. However, once or twice a year something compels me to buy a pacakge of chops at the grocery store. It then sits in my freezer until I either have to make them or else throw them away — something I hate to do.

Such was my dilemma yesterday. So, I decided to thaw ’em out, season ’em up, slather on some BBQ sauce and be done with it. And I have to say — pork chops have to be the most unsatisfying dinner ever. So if you see me at the grocery store picking up a package of chops, just stop me right then and there. I probably would have been happier eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

On that note, I’m going to try to get into menu planning again. There’s a popular weekly meme called Menu Plan Monday, so I’m going to peruse some of those blogs and get some ideas and try to get on track next week. It’ll be fun to try out some new recipes, too. (As long as they’re not pork chops, of course!)

5 thoughts on “The Boring White Meat

  1. Christina

    I’m not a huge pork fan, either (our similarities are getting pretty scary!). Ben also isn’t a fan. I’ll try a tenderloin or pork chops once or twice a year and that’s it. The flavor is so bland and for some reason the meat is usually dry (hopefully not a testament to my cooking…I don’t have that problem with other meats). I have been told by my BIL in Iowa that pork tastes better out there, but I’m not convinced yet. In the end, I’d rather have chicken. Although, I do like the occasional piece of bacon, sausage, or Candian bacon….you know, the stuff that’s bad for you but tastes oh-so-good!

  2. Lisanne

    That is *so* strange! We love pork. I was actually thinking about doing BBQ pork chops on the grill this evening for Jeff’s parents! I think that if the pork chops are cooked and seasoned right, they can be *really* good.

  3. sherry

    I love grilling pork chops. I used to enjoy them with some seasoning that my MIL brought back from Barbados but I eventually ran out. Now I make them by putting quite a bit of garlic powder on them and then plenty of steak spice.


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