The $3 Kitchen Makeover

Well, perhaps “kitchen makeover” is a little misleading since it’s really just a kitchen corner makeover. But still, I’m pretty happy with how frugal we were! I’m slowly picking out new curtains for our house. For the nearly five years we’ve been here, we’ve had some lovely cream curtains on loan from my mom and they’ve worked out well. But now I’m craving more color and patterns. Unfortunately curtains are really, really expensive. I’d considered finding fabric I like and making some window mistreatments a la Nesting Place, but again, most of the fabric I liked was still a little pricey. So you can just imagine how thrilled I was when Drew came home from an impromtu stop at Christmas Tree Shops after his dentist appointment on Saturday, with gingham valances he thought I might like. And they were perfect! Exactly the colors I wanted and best of all — just $3 for the two of them! He hung them for me on Sunday. I love it, look!

new kitchen valances

I still need to cutify (and yes, “cutify” is the technical term) my windowsills, but I’ll get there. You might remember that last fall we did a quick makeover of our upstairs bathroom, simply by getting a new shower curtain (I think it was $7 on clearance), hanging the medicine chest we had in our old house, and replacing the ugly builder lighting with an attractive new discount lighting fixture. It doesn’t take much to freshen up a room. (Though sometimes it does take a little searching, LOL!)

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  1. ohhhh love the curtains… sooo cute… Drew has great tastes… Not sure what Jeremy would bring home lol…

  2. Glad you got the curtains.

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