That’s How I Roll (My Coupons)

My dad get a kick out of his cheap frugal daughter so again I am participating in Super Savings Saturday so he can see how I raked in the deals. I love the weeks when I barely spend any money grocery shopping. Thanks to a well-stocked freezer and a fresh farm share this week, we barely had to buy anything. I took advantage of another Shop Rite sale, though and I’m rather pleased with myself!

I purchased $73.29 worth of groceries for $6.97, counting all coupons and Catalinas!
i am a frugalista

The original total was $73.29. I used the $18 in Catalina coupons I got last week. I had $3.11 in Shop Rite store coupons. On sale I save $23.37. My Price Plus card savings was $7.59. My manufacturer’s coupons totalled $9.25 and a few were doubled saving me $2.25. Then I got another $5 Catalina coupon to use on my next order. Unfortunately, Dollar Days are now over so I won’t be getting the dollars-off Catalina coupons, but it was good while it lasted and helped me save a bunch of money!

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  1. Lisanne says:

    I’m glad that you told me about ShopRite’s dollar days. I went there the other day and raked in some awesome deals, too. I couldn’t believe it! The store was swamped with people.

  2. Cristen says:

    That is amazing to me! I have a strange question to ask. Where do you get the coupons which you use, such as the manufacturers’ coupons. We don’t get the paper regularly so other than that I don’t know where to look.

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