That Was November

that was november

Well November flew by, didn’t it? Weren’t we all just doling out the candy our kids got on Halloween? And now we’ve moved on to candy canes and fudge. I didn’t take that many photos this month. I’m not sure why, but I’ll have to remedy that in December.

Today we had our chimney and wood stove cleaned, so we can burn all winter without fear 🙂 I’ll tell you that not being able to light it for the 24 hours prior to our appointment was a killer. I ::big puffy heart:: our wood stove. It is cozy and toasty and beautiful and winter just wouldn’t be the same without it. So yes, I’m now happily sitting next to the stove as it warms up the house, once again.

Today is also my parents’ wedding anniversary. ♥ 38 years! ♥  Happy anniversary you two crazy kids!

Tomorrow is December 1, and Sinterklaas (a big deal around here), and Christmas gets into full swing, and for me it ushers in a busy month full of parties and last-minute doctors appointments, (and yet another dentist appointment), and baking, and cooking, and family, and decorating, and cocoa, and tea, and giving, and hopefully lots of laughing and fun!

I always find myself feeling weird about December. Simultaneously in love with the joy, but sad at the same time, thinking about people we love who are no longer with us, missing their presence, and trying to remember to savor every moment (especially at the holidays). It can be a tough month for people, and I try to keep that in mind when I meet people who aren’t exactly in the spirit. However, it’s the perfect time, the perfect opportunity to just extend a little kindness. I think we all should try to do that more often, anyway.

OK, December. I’m ready for you.

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