That Kind of Week


Hoo boy. What a week. It was what I called a “grumpy cat week.” I’ve been in a bad mood, things have been going wrong, and then we got a bunch of snow dumped on us. Yup. It was that kind of week.

I don’t even remember what started going wrong or when, but I think (hopefully) it’s all behind me. There are a few annoying loose ends I need to tie up, though (nothing major for my family personally — but I’m stuck in limbo while I wait for people to help resolve an issue of conflicting events).


Oh yes! And then the snow. The snow day is the root cause of the above-mentioned issue. So not only was the 10 inches way more than they predicted, but it caused all kinds of problems. I tried to make the best of it. I didn’t have much cleaning to do, so I had some crochet-time and got to watch a little TV. I also made Flubber with the kids. How crazy-perfect is this photo? Lest you think my kids all cooperate and get along like this all the time… well, excuse me while I double-over laughing! But they actually were really good yesterday. I think they were all just excited about making something gross, LOL.


This morning I worked at the library and this afternoon I set about to make a flourless chocolate torte for a church event tomorrow. The first one I made did this when I flipped it over:


What a bummer! On the upside, we all got to taste it and I now know that it is yummy. I made a second one and was a lot more careful. I think I’ll post the recipe for you next Thursday 🙂

Well, I ought to get dinner started. Nothing terribly exciting tonight — just some spiced apple chicken sausages I pulled from the freezer. Sometimes it’s just gotta be food on a plate, ya know? Hopefully I’ll get my blog mojo back for next week!

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  1. Hope next week is better for you!
    Nice photos.
    Oooh…looking forward to the recipe!

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