taking matters into my own hands

Who is designing clothes out there and really… what are they thinking? Yesterday I was shopping for some new spring tops and a dress (or skirt and blouse) I can wear for Jake’s 1st Communion. Everything out there is either super ugly or the fit doesn’t even make sense. The fabrics are all really clingy. (Note to designers: in case you haven’t noticed, clingy fabrics do not flatter most of the American population. Please choose other material.) After throwing up my hands in disgust in the Kohl’s dressing room, I decided it was time I stopped complaining and did something about it.

I have a sewing machine. I have reasonable sewing skills. Maybe it’s time I just start making my own clothes. I doubt it will save me money, but at least I get to choose the fabrics and if something is made poorly, I can blame myself and probably fix it. And wouldn’t you know? Jo-Ann’s was having a three-day sale: Simplicity patterns were just 99 cents! So I picked out a few to start with:


Hopefully it won’t be too complicated. I’m also thinking of refashioning some of my jeans into capris. A have a bunch that are torn, ripped, frayed, and generally embarrassing to wear in public. I think I might lop them off of the bottom and hem them to calf-length.

Something has to be done because my t-shirts are threadbare and the (affordable) selections out there are pretty awful.

I also picked up a few toddler-sized patterns to make some cute outfits for Laura:


And the best part of it all was how much I saved:


Seven sewing patterns and a divided container for the boys’ Perler beads (also on sale) cost me only about $10 and I saved over $90! I figure that even if I make only one article of clothing from these patterns, they will have more than paid for themselves.

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  1. Lisanne says:

    It’s not hard. The only difficult part for me, though, is the sleeves/armholes. Tricky. But I’m getting better with more practice. Those are cute patterns. I’d love to sew myself a skirt for Easter tomorrow, but I’m running out of time! LOL! 🙂 I’ve REALLY been wanting to sit down and sew with all this new fabric, but I haven’t had a chance yet. Kohl’s usually has awesome clothes that I love, but I know what you mean … seems like so many clothes out there right now just aren’t my style or don’t fit me well. 🙁

  2. Joelle says:

    I totally agree with you on this. I can never find what I am looking for to wear. I have something in my mind and can never find it on the rack. Good luck with making your own. I only with I had the time and patience.

  3. Peppermint_Patt says:

    Since I am from your parent’s generation (60ish), I truly thought by now someone would figure out how to buy clothes for the general population, not just the fashionistas. Even majored in Home Economics and sewed for myself BK (before kids.) The patterns are so cute and making the time to create them will satisfy more than the need for something appropriate to wear. I am hoping that my Golden Singer still sews after being in the garage all these years!
    Love your blog! I have one “in the works”.

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