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i’ll melt with you


Ah, I’ve been enjoying a brief taste of spring this week! I’ve been waiting and waiting for a bit of a thaw and it has finally arrived. Naturally, a cold has arrived with it. I’m feeling so sneezy, stuffy, headachy, and generally blah. With the crazy fluctuations in temperature, I can’t say that I’m surprised.

Otherwise, it’s been a busy week and I’ve been trying hard to keep my head above water. I had a bunch of writing deadlines, the laundry has been piling up, and I had a stack of clothes that I needed to take to the consignment shop (which I finally did today). I also still have to transfer a bunch of files off of my old laptop onto my new one.  My husband’s computer has been giving him a lot of trouble lately. Maybe with our tax refund he can get a new one. I saw him checking out Compaq laptops the other day.

Well, I am going to keep this short. I just wanted to check in. I promise a more interested blog post tomorrow. But for now, I just want to get into my jammies and finish my book before zonking out!

waiting on the snow


Just a quick view of my back deck. I’m here waiting for the snow to start falling. This morning two local school districts announced early dismissals and though I was sure ours would follow, they did not. And I’m happy about that because here were are, nearly at dismissal time and nary a flake in the sky. As a precaution they did cancel all after school activities and postponed one event until tomorrow. I think that was probably the right call.

I’m trying so hard to be tolerant of this weather. It’s winter in the Northeast after all. It’s going to be cold. It’s going to snow. But would it be too much to as for  a little bit of January thaw? Maybe just a day when temperatures soar into the 50s and I could open up the windows? Instead, I’m here wishing I had hand dryers installed in our bathrooms so I could quickly warm up my hands, which seem to be freezing all the time.

Anyway, we’ll see how much snow we actually get with this storm. How many days until Spring?