Goodbye, May

vintage flowers

What can I say? May was kind of a crap-tastisc month. It started out with a car accident. One of the boys had issues at school. I ended up quitting a job that I really liked (and no, I’m not going to get into it here — suffice it to say, some people just make really bad decisions). And I probably gained like 10 pounds thanks to stress eating.

Suck it, May. You’re so over!

But I’m going into June with a new attitude. A focus on myself… my health, my creative pursuits, doing the things I love, and being with the people I love.


That’s the plan.


I’m going to cook, clean, crochet, knit, garden, decorate, watch movies, paint my nails, do yoga, do more of what makes life enjoyable. While the kids don’t get out of school until the end of the month, I am totally looking forward to summer. Outside movies, picnics, trips to the zoo, nights at the drive-in, playing tetherball, reading books, lazying at the lake. It’s going to be awesome.

As for today? I delighted in the mundane. I shopped for Laura’s birthday party. I started doing some cooking. I cleaned a little bit. Tonight Jake has a BBQ and dance at school, so I’m going to pick up a pizza and some wine on the way home. Originally I thought we’d eat outside, light a fire in the chiminea, and maybe roast some marshmallows with Noah and Laura. But given that it’s currently raining I think things look more like a living room picnic and a movie, and maybe brownie sundaes for dessert.

Go with the flow, right?

2014 has kind of been kicking my ass. Here’s hoping the second half is a little more chill!

This Moment

In an effort to write better, write more, capture more, be more honest, I give you this.

My four-year-old daughter, my sweet, sassy little girl, just marched downstairs and straight into the kitchen. She had changed into a bathing suit for no apparent reason (because that, apparently, is what 4-year-old girls do) and was petting a cicada exoskeleton, cooing, “Oooh, you’re such a good boy. Yes, you are are. What a good little guy.”

She wants to bring him to Babci & Dziadziu’s this weekend. Mom… I hope you’re ready! 😉


And you mean to tell me that something like this is not a regular occurrence at your house? Well, then…