Pinewood Derby 2013

pinewood derby pit passes

Last night was our Cub Scout Pack’s Pinewood Derby — the first with Drew as Committee Chair — and can you believe this is the only photo I took? That’s right, mama left her SD card in her laptop and didn’t even bring her iPod Touch. Talk about a momentous mama failure.

Sigh… Well, at least we didn’t forget any of the other 8.5 million things we needed to bring! I think it went well. As you can see, I made up “pit passes” for all of our little racers. I also made “VIP All Access” passes for the “Pit Crew” (that would be the leaders and anyone else who was helping out.

Drew donned his mechanic’s jumpsuit (I don’t really know why he has one, especially one with his name embroidered on it, but whatever… he was psyched to have a reason to wear it), we made a quick photo booth out of a checkerboard sheet and the American flag, we had pennants, we had pizza, and we had our brand-new track. Of course, the night was not without its problems (is any pack m eeting ever?), but I hope the kids all had fun.

There was another big event going on in the cafeteria across from the gym (where we were), so we hung up flyers decorated with race flags and advertising “Pinewood Derby” just in case anyone wanted to know what was going on. Maybe we even got some boys interested in scouting.

A few members of Jake’s Boy Scout Troop were there in uniform, and they were such great help to us! From keeping the little kids wrangled, to helping with the event, to cleaning up — they were always there for what we needed. Love those boys — definitely gives you faith in the younger generation.

Noah’s car ended up winning first place for his den, so that was very exciting 🙂 By the time we got everything packed in the car and got home, it was super late, but I was not about to skip a celebratory glass of wine (what was I thinking giving up wine for Lent? I made it three weeks, at least…).


So, we have a few kinks to work out for next year, but overall I think the event was a success! One thing that seemed to go over well was the Recognition Awards I made up. I wanted every boy to get something, even if he didn’t win a race. So we printed up participation awards and after I looked at the cars I gave them silly superlatives like “Sparkliest” and “Most Dotty.” Totally goofy, but at least all the scouts left with something. I think that’s important.

You know, and I’ll bet though these things make me stressed and crazy, in a few years when Noah is done with Cub Scouts I’m going to totally miss it.