Decorating with Silk Plants from Museum Trees

I love changing up my home decor for the seasons, and when fall rolls around I love to get especially cozy. However, I do miss the lush greenery that comes with summer. I don’t exactly have a green thumb, so I rely on beautiful silk plants to bring the outdoors inside year-round. 

Museum Trees offered to send me one of their high-quality products for review, and I was thrilled to see what their plants look like.

The silk plants are shipped in a sturdy cardboard mailer, and my ficus was snug and secure inside. 

Museum Trees ReviewMuseum Trees Review

After I took the silk plant out of the packaging, I just had to fluff up the leaves and it was ready to go. 

Museum Trees Review

Museum Trees Review

I’m impressed with how realistic this silk ficus looks. From the leaves right down to the trunk, it is very convincing. (In fact, one of our cats is still fooled into thinking it’s real — she’s obsessed with it!) The base is weighted so the plant doesn’t fall over. I have it in a corner of our living room and once the weather is cooler, I plan to add some twinkle lights to up the “cozy factor.” I just love it!

Museum trees review

Museum trees review

Museum Trees offers a huge selection of silk plants perfect for your home or office. I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for an easy decor update that requires minimal fuss!

Review | LipSense Lip Color & Lip Gloss

I feel like I am constantly searching for a great lipstick. Every few years I find one I love, but then it goes out of production and I have to start from scratch. Well, I am happy to say that after a few years of looking, my current search is over!

I was offered the chance to try out LipSense from Red Gate Beauty and after using it for a few weeks, it’s official: I’m in love. LipSense is not your typical lipstick. It is waterproof, kiss-proof, and smear-proof. The color and gloss are both available in an array of beautiful shades.

LipSense is a long-lasting liquid lip color that lasts between 4-18 hours. I can personally attest to it lasting for 6 hours and lots of talking, drinking, and eating! It is lead-free, wax-free, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and not tested on animals. Plus it is made right here in the U.S.A.!

To wear LipSense, you just have to follow a few steps. First, clean and dry your lips. Then shake the bottle of color. Swipe the color on in one direction (just a thin layer). If you want more color, wait 10 seconds and reapply. (The first time I tried the color I was surprised by the tingling sensation, but  that is just the cosmetic-grade denatured alcohol which create a bacteria-free environment in the tube. It wasn’t unpleasant at all – it just caught me off-guard.) Five seconds after you apply the color to your lips you can apply the gloss, which acts like a magic sealer and moisturizer.

LipSense review for

My favorite part about the gloss? You can choose from several different colors that adds just a little bit extra to your lips when combined with the color, or you can wear it on your own for a natural look. For my gloss, I chose Orchid, and it really is the perfect topcoat to the Praline Rose color.

LipSense review for

In addition to being long-lasting, the color itself is what I love most about LipSense. It is so hard to find color that isn’t over-the-top or really fake looking. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I do like to accentuate my lips. LipSense is perfect for that. And if you want a vibrant color, they have plenty to choose from! Plus, you can mix and match colors in order to get the shade that is uniquely yours!

LipSense review

I’m excited to offer my readers a 15% discount code if you want to try LipSense out for yourself. Head over to Red Gate Beauty and use the code bloggymoms15 at check-out.


Review |

I was given a free pair of prescription eyeglasses from in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

Last month I decided that I really needed new glasses. The pair I was wearing just never seemed to fit right. I dealt with it as long as I could, but it was time. As luck would have it, a rep from contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing a pair of eyeglasses from them.

After browsing their site for a moment, I quickly took advantage. I found several styles that I loved. I decided on the Iowa Rectangle style and the green shade looked so different! I couldn’t wait for them to arrive. In fact, I didn’t have to wait long — before I knew it they were in my mailboxes! I have ordered glasses online several times before, but I think these shipped faster than any other company.

New Glasses from

The fit was great! I could see clearly

New eyeglasses from offers all kinds of glasses. Whether you are looking for fashionable frames, or  prescription sunglasses they have a fantastic selection!

If you want to give them a try, just make sure you have your eyeglass prescription (including PD – pupillary distance), pick your favorite style and order them. Simple as that! I also have a special discount code for my readers! Use coupon code GSHOT50 and save 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded). 

New Glasses from

I am extremely happy with my pair of glasses and I definitely see myself ordering from them again in the future!

Erin Condren Fall Seasonal Surprise Box

Warning! Spoilers!

It’s been a while since I ordered anything from Erin Condren. I’m on the fence about which brand to use for my 2018 planner. (I’m kind of hoping that Happy Planner will have an hourly planner in their fall releases, otherwise I will probably go with EC.) And honestly, I just haven’t needed any kind of stationery products. I wasn’t intending on getting another seasonal surprise box, but when I saw a preview for the autumn one I changed my mind. And I am SO glad that I did!

Yesterday I came home from work and saw this purple box propped up against the garage. I hadn’t even known that it shipped, so it truly was a surprise! 


I had successfully stayed away from all the Instagram feeds and Facebook pages where people were showing off the contents, but I think by now almost everyone has gotten theirs so I don’t feel bad showing you. My box stayed in pretty good shape this time — sometimes the P.O. is so rough with it or adds sharpie marks. I can’t figure out why, but at least it wasn’t the case this time. Because I love purple, this is a box I may keep, especially because I love the quote inside. (And how about that gold tissue paper? So pretty!)

Erin Condren Fall Seasonal Surprise Box

OK, on to the goodies inside! In addition to all of this beautiful stuff, there was a $10 coupon code for a spiral planner or notebook.

Erin Condren Fall Seasonal Surprise Box

I can always use notecards, and these are foil stamped. 
Erin Condren Fall Seasonal Surprise Box

I saw this pattern in the preview on and it’s what convinced me to make this purchase. I love these leaves with foil accents. The cover is gorgeous and the stickers are absolutely beautiful!
Erin Condren Fall Seasonal Surprise Box

My favorite!
Erin Condren Fall Seasonal Surprise Box

There were also some large stickers/labels, a rose gold stamped dashboard, and a cute Halloween planner sticker set.
Erin Condren Fall Seasonal Surprise Box

Washi tape in the same “grateful and thankful” pattern, long sticky notes, and jewel-toned dual tip markers. I have another set of these markers and love how they write, so I am thrilled to have them in my favorite colors!
Erin Condren Fall Seasonal Surprise Box

So there you have it! Oh wait – there was an enamel pin, too, but Laura snagged that. She wanted to put it on her jean jacket and I was happy to let her have it. I’m really happy with this surprise box — it’s full of items I’ll use in styles that I love! 

Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box Review

Is there anything as exciting as coming home from work and finding out that happy mail has been delivered? I’m not talking about bills, of course. I’m talking about fun packages like this one…

First EC Surprise Box

Ah, yes, the classic Erin Condren box! Hard to miss. At the end of December, I got an email about a brand-new Seasonal Surprise Box that they were launching. According to the description, it would be an $80 value. The price was just $35 (including shipping)! So I took a chance. My surprise box finally arrived today! Spoiler alert! This blog post includes photos, so if you haven’t gotten yours, yet, be warned.
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