Check it Off!

I love a day when almost everything gets checked off the list! I didn’t get to organizing my crochet works-in-progress but I still got a LOT done. Love having Wednesdays off from work (we’ll sort of off — occasionally a meeting has to happen like tonight).

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I just include work meetings in this planner but not work to-do’s, it’s because I have a separate task list notebook at work. This is my catch-all planner where all appointments, meetings, etc. go (in addition to my Google calendar) and it’s where I jot my personal to-do’s. I plan out way ahead in Google, but usually just a month at a time on paper.

My planning method changes, but this is what works for me right now!

New Erin Condren Holiday Designs!

I’m dying over how pretty Erin Condren’s new holiday designs are! I bought a cover with this poinsettia theme. She has an amazing sale still going on — $10 off of 50 or $25 off $100 AND you can add a coupon code on top of that discount! If you are new to EC, you can sign up for the newsletter through my referral link and get $10 off your first order. (You’ll get an e-mail with the code when you sign up).

Erin Condren Fall Seasonal Surprise Box

Warning! Spoilers!

It’s been a while since I ordered anything from Erin Condren. I’m on the fence about which brand to use for my 2018 planner. (I’m kind of hoping that Happy Planner will have an hourly planner in their fall releases, otherwise I will probably go with EC.) And honestly, I just haven’t needed any kind of stationery products. I wasn’t intending on getting another seasonal surprise box, but when I saw a preview for the autumn one I changed my mind. And I am SO glad that I did!

Yesterday I came home from work and saw this purple box propped up against the garage. I hadn’t even known that it shipped, so it truly was a surprise! 


I had successfully stayed away from all the Instagram feeds and Facebook pages where people were showing off the contents, but I think by now almost everyone has gotten theirs so I don’t feel bad showing you. My box stayed in pretty good shape this time — sometimes the P.O. is so rough with it or adds sharpie marks. I can’t figure out why, but at least it wasn’t the case this time. Because I love purple, this is a box I may keep, especially because I love the quote inside. (And how about that gold tissue paper? So pretty!)

Erin Condren Fall Seasonal Surprise Box

OK, on to the goodies inside! In addition to all of this beautiful stuff, there was a $10 coupon code for a spiral planner or notebook.

Erin Condren Fall Seasonal Surprise Box

I can always use notecards, and these are foil stamped. 
Erin Condren Fall Seasonal Surprise Box

I saw this pattern in the preview on and it’s what convinced me to make this purchase. I love these leaves with foil accents. The cover is gorgeous and the stickers are absolutely beautiful!
Erin Condren Fall Seasonal Surprise Box

My favorite!
Erin Condren Fall Seasonal Surprise Box

There were also some large stickers/labels, a rose gold stamped dashboard, and a cute Halloween planner sticker set.
Erin Condren Fall Seasonal Surprise Box

Washi tape in the same “grateful and thankful” pattern, long sticky notes, and jewel-toned dual tip markers. I have another set of these markers and love how they write, so I am thrilled to have them in my favorite colors!
Erin Condren Fall Seasonal Surprise Box

So there you have it! Oh wait – there was an enamel pin, too, but Laura snagged that. She wanted to put it on her jean jacket and I was happy to let her have it. I’m really happy with this surprise box — it’s full of items I’ll use in styles that I love! 

Planner Freebie | Banner Event Labels

Happy Monday! It’s been a while since I got a planner freebie up here and today I was reworking some of the stickers that I love to use in my own Erin Condren planner, so I thought I would share. 

This time of year is always crazy with school concerts, field trips, appointments, and various activities. Add to that my work schedule (I am back to working part time at a local library), and just all the usual everyday things that need tending to and it doesn’t leave much time to decorate my planner. I’ve been relying on my two favorite labels: the colorblock hourly stickers and these banner event stickers. In the hourly planner, they take up approximately an hour’s worth of time. Of course, they would also work in other planners, too! I used colors that coordinate with the current EC hourly and horizontal scheme (though I think it will be slightly different for the 2016-2017 editions).

Download your free printable right here:

FREE Printable Banner Event Stickers for your planner

As usual, my free planner printables are for personal use only and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Use an electronic cutting machine like a Silhouette Cameo to cut your stickers, print them out on regular printer paper and then cut and paste into your planner using a tape runner, or else print them on full-sheet labels and just hand-cut the stickers.

Free Printable | Colorblock Event Stickers for EC Hourly

 Free Colorblock Event Stickers

TGIF and Happy April to you! I am still trying to catch up from Spring break and Easter weekend, but I am just popping in with a free planner printable for you guys today. It’s been a while since I posted one. But first, I have to tell you today’s exciting news…

I won this week’s #ECFanFriday contest! The theme was “monthly layout.” I rely heavily on my monthly as an overview to help guide my weekly planning, so I was very excited and inspired. I won an e-gift certificate for myself and one for a friend, which was super cool!

One of the stickers I use in my monthly layout, as well as my weekly layout, are these small, 1/4″ event boxes. They fit perfectly, and in the weekly the sticker takes up the space of a half-hour. I created this set using the more muted tones of the hourly and horizontal planners. I find them to be highly functional. Sometimes I’ll put a time in the block of color, or I’ll put the initial of a family member who has something going on (extracurriculars, for example).

Download my FREE Colorblock Event Stickers Here
 Free Colorblock Event Stickers

They’re simple, but I’ve come to realize that it’s just my style. I hope you enjoy them!

As usual, my free planner printables are for personal use only and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Use an electronic cutting machine like a Silhouette Cameo to cut your stickers, print them out on regular printer paper and then cut and paste into your planner using a tape runner, or else print them on full-sheet labels and just hand-cut the stickers.

{My Erin Condren Planner 2014} Weeks 10-13

My 2014 Erin Condren Life Planner

Another month has flown by! March was a killer for me. We had so much going on that it left me dizzy sometimes. I just didn’t know which way to turn. That being the case, my planner pages were more functional than pretty. So, this was March.

My Erin Condren Planner - March 2014


Week 10

My Erin Condren Planner - March 2014


Week 11
My Erin Condren Planner - March 2014


Week 12
My Erin Condren Planner - March 2014


Week 13
My Erin Condren Planner - March 2014


Last week we all, at various points, ended up with a horrible (truly horrible) stomach virus that is going around. Seriously, what a way to wrap up a really busy month. But we all got through it and I guess on the bright side, it’s behind us.

So now it’s April! And I actually had windows open today! And the kids will have their spring break! So hopefully life will slow down just a teensy bit. 

Oh, I did get a very generous sample package from last week, and I’ve been having a great time making myself custom labels that perfectly fit within the Erin Condren boxes. So expect a post on that soon!

If you are a new Erin Condren customer and are interested in ordering, you can use my referral link to save $10 off your first purchase (you’ll get a code via e-mail after you register).

{My Erin Condren Planner 2014} Weeks 6-9 PLUS a video!

My 2014 Erin Condren Life Planner

Life is crazy. Luckily, my planner keeps me in check, even when that means I don’t have the time to blog like I wanted. <<Ahem>>

Anyway! The first thing I want to share with you guys is a quick video I made. This video shows some of the changes I made to my planner (hacks, if you will) and how I have repurposed a couple of the sections. Maybe I’m weird, but I love watching YouTube videos that show all the different ways people use their planners. Here’s mine! 

Here’s my February Monthly Spread:

my erin condren planner - february

OK, now back to the weekly spreads. Week 6:

my erin condren planner

Week 7. We were on vacation most of this week, so there really wasn’t a whole lot to keep track of, thankfully!

my erin condren planner

Week 8. As you can see, life started to ramp back up. I got my hands on the “Plan It” stamps from Studio L2E so I used a few of those stamps on this week’s spread. I tried my idea of recording something from the day on those lines at the bottom. I like the idea in theory, but so far I haven’t kept up with it.

my erin condren planner

Week 9. Didn’t really have time to do too much decoration/journalling/whatever last week. I felt like I was a little crazed, so it just wasn’t a priority.

my erin condren planner


If you are a new Erin Condren customer and are interested in ordering, you can use my referral link to save $10 off your first purchase (you’ll get a code via e-mail after you register).

{My Erin Condren Planner 2014} Weeks 1-5

My 2014 Erin Condren Life Planner

Everyone who knows me also know that I have an unhealthy a close relationship with my day planner. It all started back in the early 90s when I recieved a Filofax for a high school graduation gift. That planner helped get me through college and a few years thereafter. However, once I was a new mom I didn’t have a need for a planner anymore… until that one baby became three kids, two of whom were in school. I needed to get organized again. And I discovered Erin Condren’s beautiful planners.

In the past I have reviewed the planner, but this year I thought I would start sharing about how I actually use it by posting how I customize it, some little tricks, and my weekly layouts, too. As you know, there are quite a few blogs focussed on planners and organizing. Everyone has their own way of doing things, but sometimes you pick up an idea or two.

Today I’ll be sharing my January layouts because… well, I feel like I want to have the whole year included on my blog. But after this week I’ll just do weekly updates once the week is over. First, here is my monthly layout. It is definitely boring and as I’ve mentioned… January was just kind of crabby for me. A lot of people don’t seem to use their monthly spreads, but I do. When I am scheduling appointments, I find it easier to see the entire month at once instead of flipping pages. 

January 2014

And here’s week 1. Um, yeah. I started a Whole 30 that lasted for more like 14 days, LOL… But better than nothing, right? I started journalling a little bit each day. I haven’t been consistent with that, but I’m going to try to pick it up again for February. I keep all my planners in case I need to refer to an old event, but also because I enjoy seeing what we were doing. So why not add some journalling to the mix?
2014 - week 1


Week 2: A new planner feature this year is the notes section at the bottom. I was really excited about this at first, but I’m not utilizing it like I thought I would. Obviously I cover most of it up with washi tape for a bit of extra color. I’ve been using it for meal planning, but maybe I’ll trying using that section for “hot action items” in the future — three things that I absolutely must get done that day. 

2014 - week 2


Week 3: See that arrow-shaped page flag pointing to the “pack meeting” sticker on Friday? I bought these at Dollar Tree and I love them so much! So often I have extra little notes about calendar items, and these are great for that purpose.

2014 - week 3


Week 4: Another kind of lame attempt at journalling, LOL. Also, slightly embarrassed by how much crap I ate this week.

2014 - week 4


 Week 5: Last week, as we moved into Febrary I finally felt like I was getting my groove back. Trying to jazz up the week with more stickers. That’s right. I love stickers. I am totally a 12-year-old girl at heart and I am OK with that 🙂

2014 - week 5


We’ll just start there. I have customized some of the notepages in the back to suit my own needs: a log of checks I write, a place to keep track of swaps I send and recieve, that sort of thing. I’ll get there, soon.

The Erin Condren planners typically go on sale in Feb. or March to liquidate her current stock since the new planners come out in June. So if you’re on the fence, it’s a good time to try the planner without having to shell out all that money. Because let’s face it, even though they are very pretty and I love mine… it’s still expensive. However, it keeps me on track so I feel it’s worth it!


If you are a new Erin Condren customer and are interested in ordering, you can use my referral link to save $10 off your first purchase (you’ll get a code via e-mail after you register).

{Review} 2012-2013 Erin Condren Life Planner

Erin Condren Life Planner

Last year around this time I started hearing about Erin Condren on various blogs. Several of the online deal sites had specials last fall and I was able to snag a half-price voucher. So, for my birthday, I got myself my very first Life Planner. And I fell in love with it!

I’ve been using it daily (well, let’s be honest — multiple times daily) for almost a year now and I can honestly say that no other planner has worked so well for me since my old Filofax in college. Since I’m starting to plan appointments and school events into next year, I decided it was time for a 2013 planner and again I chose Erin Condren.


There are so many cute designs that I literally (literally!) agonized over this decision for a couple weeks. My husband was so tired of me going back and forth and asking his opinion on color combos. He’s a saint for putting up with me, I swear! Last year I chose the Zig-Zag pattern. This year  I wanting something totally different so I went with the Candy Lace design in a custom colorway (lime and dark gray). I also requested that my first name be printed in purple because I wanted one more color on the cover.

While the overall layout is the same, there are a number of changes to last year’s design. Most noticably, it now has a metal coil (instead of plastic), and laminated monthly tabs. I never had a problem with the plastic coil, but the metal coil is certainly sturdier and looks a lot nicer.


Another change is the monthly calendar page. It went from a single page to a two-page spread. I was thrilled to see this! It’s much easier to write information down on the larger calendar blocks. Of course, there’s a trade-off and gone are the lined note pages before each month. I liked to use those as a line-a-day journal (when I remembered to do it), but I can easily include that information in the weekly spread. And there are also several blank sheets (both lined and unlined) toward the back of the planner so there’s plenty of room for notes and doodles.




The weekly spreads are the same, with the exception that the weeks no longer break up (even if the start of a new month disturbs the continuity. To me, it’s fine either way. Here’s a peek at what a weekly page looks like:


Now, while we’re talking about the bulk of the planner let’s also talk about paper. In the old version, the monthly calendar was on a heavier cardstock-weight paper. To me, it served as a great divider and I could easily flip between months. The current version no longer has this. I’m a little worried the monthly tabs might rip off, so I’ll have to be careful.  I’m sure it’ll hold up just as well, though. I think this might be a way to help trim down the thickness of the planner. As you can see, the new version is not as thick.


Erin Condren’s new version of the Life Planner also comes with sticker sheets, though fewer than last year. This year you get three sheets of pre-printed stickers and one sheet of blank stickers. Last year I got two sheets of pre-printed stickers and four sheets of blank stickers (I still have so many left unused!). Overall, this isn’t a big deal to me. I still have my “leftover” stickers, plus you can purchase extra blank sticker sheets. Or you use washi tape (like me) or other calendar stickers.


The folder design at the back is slightly different. The new version is one sided with a deeper pocket. This is great because my papers are always falling out of the old version of the folder. And there’s still the zip-lock pocket at the back, the perfect place for the labels that come with the planner as well as stamps and appointment cards.



Oh, one addition that I really like but don’t see mentioned in many other reviews: the Address Page. You can write down addresses & phone number for up to 14 people. It’s a great quick-reference for people you contact the most. And yes, there is still the My Important Numbers page. I use this all the time and keep the numbers for my kids’ school, my hairdresser, oil company, plumber, our doctors… they’re all right there.

Erin Condren Address Page

Overall, I’m very happy again. At $50, this planner is a huge splurge for me, but I use it faithfully and it works for my style of organization.  (Keep in mind that each planner is hand-produced in the U.S.A. — to me, that’s worth shelling out a little extra money!) It averages out to about 14 cents/day for something that helps keep me on time, remember birthdays, know what’s for dinner, and remember everything I need to do on any given day.

The only other thing I’d like to see on the Life Planner is some sort of elastic band to help keep it closed. But I improvised and just made my own, instead 🙂


So there you have it! If you are a new Erin Condren customer and are interested in ordering, you can use my referral link to save $10 off your first purchase (you’ll get a code via e-mail after you register).

* I was not compensated in any way for this review. I purchased the Life Planner completely on my own and just wanted to let you know why I love it! However, this post does contain an affiliate link. *