Another Monday

I figured I’d get this up bright and early before I get too busy with my day. I have to be honest with you — I think I might be over the whole Blog365 thing. It is such a chore posting every single day and I while I’m glad it got me back in the habit of blogging, I am not sure I am going to continue with the aggressive posting schedule. I may scale back to three times a week instead of seven. 

This week is a busy one. Laura starts a spring volleyball league, Noah has his last high school concert, I have a jam-packed week at work… and I kind of just don’t see the point of posting something just to post. 

But, since it is Monday, I will share my meal plan for the week.

Monday: BBQ pulled pork, macaroni & cheese, broccoli

Tuesday: Crock Pot Mediterranean chicken

Wednesday: American chop suey, salad

Thursday: ? Something quick & easy before the concert

Friday: Burgers, oven fries

Saturday: Maybe chicken fajitas or quesadillas?

Sunday: Pot roast, mashed potatoes, broccoli or green beans, salad

Hope you have a great day!