Fall days, pumpkin coffee, and cozy PJs

Family fun lazyone PJs

Sorry summer lovers, I am so over this hot weather and ready for cool days, chilly nights, and fun family activities! With the release of pumpkin spice lattes this week I am now in full-on fall mode. One of my favorite things about fall is cuddling up in pajamas.

Every year I like to treat myself to at least one new pair so I decided to check out LazyOne family pajamas. Oh my goodness, everything I have heard about them was right. I could not believe what cute styles they have. If you like to have matching PJs for the whole family on Christmas morning, you will want to check them out. There’s even a Doggy and Me collection! Can you imagine dressing up your pooch in something this cute for Christmas morning?

Doggy PJs lazyone.com

I only wish they made kitty PJs, too! I can imagine my mother-in-law’s dog in something like this, though. (Hmm… that would be a fun Thanksgiving surprise, actually!)

I really wish we had cute PJs like this when all of our kids were little. I can only imagine the sweet Christmas card photos with all three kids in front of the tree. Of course, they have more than Christmas-themed PJs, too. There’s St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day… cute, themed PJs for pretty much every occasion!  I love holiday clothes, so I may very well have to order a few pairs of these comfy PJs to coordinate with the seasons. There’s even matching socks, slippers, blankets… even stuffed animals. You could seriously put together an Instagram-worthy photo shoot in no time!