Easy Organization with BIC Gelocity Pens!

It’s no secret that I love pens — especially gel pens! So when I had the opportunity to try out the new quick-dry Gelocity Pens from BIC I knew I couldn’t say no!

BIC Gelocity review

My Smiley Kit came with a package of three gel pens, coupons, and a cute coloring sheet. I couldn’t wait to test them out!

The first thing I noticed is how comfortable the grip is on these pens. The barrel is slightly padded and you can write for a long time without fatigue. Also, check out how vibrant the ink is!

BIC Gelocity review

Sometimes pink gel pens don’t show up well, but this one does. The blue and purple are so pretty, and the best thing is that the ink dries faster than regular gel pens. I can’t say they are smudge-proof, but they are certainly an improvement over some other brands.

BIC Gelocity review

And of course, if you’re trying to get things organized for the new school year, these pens make color-coding a snap! Assign each of your kids a color for the family calendar, or designate a color for different areas of your life — work, to-do, fitness, etc.

Thanks to Smiley360 for the opportunity to sample these pens for free! All opinions are my own.