Fall days, pumpkin coffee, and cozy PJs

Family fun lazyone PJs

Sorry summer lovers, I am so over this hot weather and ready for cool days, chilly nights, and fun family activities! With the release of pumpkin spice lattes this week I am now in full-on fall mode. One of my favorite things about fall is cuddling up in pajamas.

Every year I like to treat myself to at least one new pair so I decided to check out LazyOne family pajamas. Oh my goodness, everything I have heard about them was right. I could not believe what cute styles they have. If you like to have matching PJs for the whole family on Christmas morning, you will want to check them out. There’s even a Doggy and Me collection! Can you imagine dressing up your pooch in something this cute for Christmas morning?

Doggy PJs lazyone.com

I only wish they made kitty PJs, too! I can imagine my mother-in-law’s dog in something like this, though. (Hmm… that would be a fun Thanksgiving surprise, actually!)

I really wish we had cute PJs like this when all of our kids were little. I can only imagine the sweet Christmas card photos with all three kids in front of the tree. Of course, they have more than Christmas-themed PJs, too. There’s St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day… cute, themed PJs for pretty much every occasion!  I love holiday clothes, so I may very well have to order a few pairs of these comfy PJs to coordinate with the seasons. There’s even matching socks, slippers, blankets… even stuffed animals. You could seriously put together an Instagram-worthy photo shoot in no time! 

Finding My Groove

fall is here

Well, it has been a month of adjustments around here. The kids are adjusting to school again. I am adjusting to having all three kids in school all day. And I am also adjusting to a new part-time job. I wasn’t really intending on going back to work so soon after school was back in session, but a nearby library was looking for someone for weekday afternoons. I interviewed and got the job. 

I’m working a lot more more hours than what I had been working at “my” library, and it is much busier. The time goes by quickly, but the vibe is very different — definitely not as personal. It’s just taking some getting used to. Since I work afternoons and don’t get home until after 5, I’ve been trying to get everything I need to do done in the mornings — cleaning, appointments, phone calls, dinner prep. My husband telecommutes, so for now it all works. He is able to get the kids off the bus and get dinner going. 

I’ve been ridiculously emotional lately — I think all these changes are causing it. It is strange to not have any little ones at home during day, and I think that is the hardest adjustment for me. I definitely miss it. Luckily, they all love school so the fact that everyone can’t wait to go makes it easier. But there’s also the realization that baby and toddler days are officially gone. And while I know our family is complete, and I really don’t want any more kids, there is a little part of me that is very sad about this.

Stupid things set me off, like driving by our local Friendly’s and seeing that it had closed. I immediately got all teary, remembering how we used to go there all the time when Jake and Noah were little. When we first moved up here, dinner at Friendly’s and walking through the mall was our standard Friday night out. 

Change is hard, even for grown-ups, I guess. Everything just feels different. I can’t explain it and I probably sound like a fruitcake. But like the kids, I will adjust. It only takes time.

In the meantime, I’ve set aside my Stitchcation Afghan and I’ve been working on an infinity scarf. Believe it or not, the yarn is by Red Heart! It is so soft, and the colors are just beautiful. I think RH gets an undeserved bad name. Their yarns (even the SuperSaver) have really improved since I first started knitting and crocheting 10 years ago.

infinity scarf

Outside, it is definitely starting to look like fall. My burning bushes are turning red. Leaves are falling. The days are shorter, and the evenings are cooler.

burning bush


A couple weeks ago, Drew had the brilliant idea to take some extra bricks we had lying around and build a firepit. So on weekend evenings, we’ve been enjoying an outdoor fire (complete, of course, with roasted marshmallows). Saturday night we decided to do sparklers for no good reason other than that they are fun!


My parents also visited this weekend. Dad helped Drew paint the back of the house (it’s a huge project, let me tell you), and Mom cleaned up my front garden because she actually enjoys doing that 😉 It looks a thousand times better! I would have gotten around to it (probably), but I am very appreciative that she just did it for me. After my last bout with poison ivy, I’m still kind afraid to touch anything green without wearing a hazmat suit.

So all in all, things are good! My weepies, I’m sure, will subside. I am fortunate to have (so quickly) found part-time work that works with our schedule (because really, the kids are only home for about an hour and a half before I get there — it’s not THAT bad). And really things are just moving right along.

How are things with you?

Morning at the Lake

Saturday at the lake

This morning Jake and his Boy Scout troop participated in the 43rd annual Wappinger Creek Water Derby. He went through a swim test and canoe training to help him prepare and he was psyched! After a filling breakfast of buttered toast and ham and egg scramble, D. dropped him off at the location where he meets for Boy Scouts and he was on his own. It’s hard to “let go” but so good for everyone at the same time.

Jake had an amazing experience (and is wiped out, understandably), but it was so much fun for  him. While he was off at the derby, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to take our brand-new canoe for its maiden voyage. (Yes, after seeing all the scouts having a ball in the canoes, and not being able to jump in himself, D. bought one as a birthday present to himself.)

We headed down to Landsman Kill here in Rhinebeck and it was absolutely perfect! I can’t believe more people (especially those who live right there) weren’t out on the lake). The temperature was just right for spending some time out on the water.

Saturday at the lake

Saturday at the lake

Saturday at the lake

After rowing around the lake twice, we had a picnic lunch and called the outing a success. Next time we will probably go for longer, but considering it has been many (many!) years since I last canoed, this was a perfect way to ease back into it.

As Drew loaded the canoe back onto the Subaru (oh yes — now I totally feel like part of the club, driving around with a canoe strapped to the roof of our Forester, LOL…), Noah tossed rocks into the lake while Laura picked some flowers.

Saturday at the lake

Saturday at the lake

It was such a great start to the weekend. But now I need to make a salad and get the pizzas on the grill. Drew and Jake set up the big movie screen, and we have cupcakes and wine and tea and coffee, and… I’m just so looking forward to this fun, relaxing family night. I hope the same for you!