Poked & Prodded

Some people don’t like getting up early for doctor’s appointment. Me? I prefer it. I just want to get it over with. So when I was able to score a 7:30 sonogram, I was psyched. Yes, it’s that time of year: time for my annual ‘roid scan.

annual 'roid scan

Let me assure you that while it’s not exactly horrible, a thyroid ultrasound is nowhere near as fun as a pre-natal scan. Lucky for me, I had an amazing tech and she didn’t bear down on my throat (for once). I’ll be curious what the results are this year. Last year I found out that I had a brand new baby nodule. Yay! </sarcasm>. My fingers are crossed that there are no surprises.

After I left the hospital I figured… hey, why not make it a day and head to the lab? OK, I didn’t really think that. But I did have to have bloodwork done (TSH, free T3, free T4) because I have an endo appointment in a couple weeks and we need to make sure that my meds are still at the right dosage. (With Hashimoto’s, the amount of hormone in your body can fluctuate — it likes to keep you on your toes.) I got lucky at the lab and didn’t have to wait at all, so that was great! Then I ran a few errands. My last errand was to gas up the car and as I stood there pumping, I stared at a sign for Green Mountain Coffee.

Mmm. Coffee. I realized that it was now around 10 and I hadn’t had breakfast and darn tootin’ did a hot cup of joe sound good. I almost ran into the gas station for a cup when I thought…

Yes! After getting my neck all gelled up, and my veins stuck, I totally deserved to treat myself (especially since I had a Panera coupon). So I did.

treat yo self

A dark roast and a cranberry orange muffin to go.

Hopefully I won’t have to do all that for another year. Well, except for the coffee and muffin. I could go for that any time 😉

menu plan monday, busy week edition

I don’t know about you, but around here the days are just packed with activities lately. We have doctor’s appointments, dentist’s appointments, school activities up the wazoo, and I also can’t forget to make my ultrasound appointment to check on my thyroid nodule (hard to believe it’s been a year already). So as school winds down and summer begins, my plan is to just go with easy meals that don’t take much time or brain power.

Speaking of my thyroid, my results came back from the Celiac panel, and they were within the normal range. Nevertheless, I am still going to try cutting back on carbs and gluten. The more I read, the less I want to consume them. Plus, I just feel generally better when I am not bloated after eating bread or pasta. And, of course, there’s my family history of diabetes. The less sugar in my system, the better. With all of the wonderful produce available during the summer, I think it’s good time to work on this. I’m not cutting them out entirely, but I’m going to be a lot more mindful of the carbs I eat. I currently have “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes sitting on the end table, and as soon as I finish “Catching Fire,” I am diving into it!

Anyway… on to my meal plan.

  • Sunday: Take-out
  • Monday: Beef & vegetable stiry-fry
  • Tuesday: Turkey & bean chili (slow cooker), green salad
  • Wednesday: Chicken curry, basamati rice, cucumber & onion salad
  • Thursday: Spinach & swiss quiche, green salad
  • Friday: Cub Scout picnic – no cooking
  • Saturday: Winging it — leftovers or something on the grill

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menu plan monday

Is it really May? Then why is it weirdly chilly and so rainy? Eh… oh well. At least the weather makes for cozy days, right? This week is going to be so crazy. We have Drew’s dad & stepmom coming up from Miami on Thurs. We have various school activities. And I am doing all the prep work for Laura’s 2nd birthday party, which we are having on Sunday. So I am trying to keep things super simple because I don’t need to be more stressed out! I am also not doing much grocery shopping because I need to clean out the fridge for the party. (Have I told you how much I hate having a side-by-side fridge? It makes it very challenging when you have party platters and whatnot.)

  • Sunday: Grilled chicken salads
  • Monday: Sausage parm sandwiches, broccoli cheese soup
  • Tuesday: Dinner out
  • Wednesday: Grilled chicken, whatever I can find in the fridge for sides, LOL.
  • Thursday: Sandwiches, chips (In-laws are getting in from Miami, so I need something I can make the kids and us earlier and have for them later)
  • Friday: Grilled London Broil, grilled chicken with Piri-Piri Sauce, baked potatoes, tossed salad
  • Saturday: Whatever you can find in the fridge or freezer 😉

If I make it through this week with my sanity in check, then I will most definitely have earned that big slice of cake I am looking forward to on Sunday.

(Side note: while I have not been as diligent with exercising as I’d hoped to be this month, I am still down  2.5 lbs, which is awesome since I am really only trying for about 7 lbs. And really, this is just by cutting down on sugar. If I could eliminate carbs I’d be doing much better, but I have a Celiac panel later this month along with my routine thyroid bloodwork, so I have to continue eating bread and pasta, etc. at least until then. All in all, I’m pretty happy with my progress!)
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friday night

Eek. Sorry I haven’t really been updating here. I was busy this week working on a project for a new writing client, some other articles, and… I don’t really know what else, but the time did go by. I think I’ll just do a bulleted entry to catch up.

  • Monday I had my endocrinologist appointment. She was all right. I guess she was good as far as doctors go; so few of them have much personality. There wasn’t a whole lot to discuss since I’d had all the tests and I was very easily diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which is an auto-immune disease. Basically my body is slowly destroying my thyroid. (What did my thyroid do to deserve this?) It sounds incredibly scary, but apparently it’s very common. She put my on 100 micrograms of Levothyroxine, which essentially is a synthetic version of the hormone your thyroid produces. In about 6 weeks I will have labwork done to measure my TSH, free T3, and free T4 levels, and I go for a follow-up appointment in November. The first day I took the medication I was somewhat jittery and had a metallic taste in my mouth, but those side effects didn’t last. I feel… pretty much the same, which is good since I felt fine before. Some doctors believe that dietary changes (particularly reducing the amount of gluten in one’s diet) can help, but she (expectedly) waved that notion away. I’m going to look into it further, though. Too many people are content just taking a pill for what ails them, but if some kind of change can organically improve my condition, it’s worth investigating.
  • Noah had kindergarten orientation this week. His teacher and the aides seem great. He was right at home in the class and I doubt there will be any issues. He was thrilled that a preschool friend is sitting right next to him 🙂 I had to chuckle because it was painfully obvious who was sending their kid off to school for the first time. The level of anxiety showed on their faces, but they’ll learn there’s nothing to fret over.
  • The weather has been beautiful lately. We had several days of gray skies that necessitated breaking out the rain boots, but I welcomed the change. Yesterday and today were gorgeous, but it’s going to start heating up again early next week. I’m already in an autumn mindset, so I’m not happy about that.
  • Next week I need to spend some time making sure we have everything set for school and getting familiar with the old routine again. I’m so ready for school to start.

great news!

Around 4:20 this afternoon the phone rang, and it was the radiology lab. Uh-oh, I thought. It had been just over 24 hours since the test. I figured it meant one of two things: I either forgot to fill out some paperwork or there was some concern. Thank goodness, I was wrong and neither was the case! The nurse had my test results and it showed “absolutely no malignancy.” I am relieved like you cannot imagine!!! I have to thank everyone who was thinking of me or praying for me.

The test did show the presence of lymphocytes. That indicates Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis — something my PCP suspected when my first thyroid screen came back. I had already made an appointment with an endocrinologist, so the lab is going to mail me these results for me to take when I see her in August.

So now I can go back to concerning myself with mundane things like how to get rid of blackheads. I don’t know about you, but this heat and humidity has my skin all broken out! I’m not complaining, though. I’ll take pimples over the alternative any day 🙂