T minus 15 days

And then Kindergarten! I feel like I’m a bad mom or something because it’s not bothering me in the least. I’m actually really excited for Jake to go. Next Wed. we have orientation and we’ll meet his teacher and see the classroom. Plus, all of the children get to go on a practice bus ride. Our mornings shouldn’t be too difficult; the bus doesn’t pick him up until 8:20, so even if he gets up late (7 is a rarity in this house), there will be plenty of time to get ready. The first four days of school are half-days so the kids can adjust and then it’ll be 9-3.

He’s got his backpack, lunch bag, and we’ve also decided to go the Laptop Lunchbox route. Jake loves divided plates, and when I showed this to him, he fell in love. I also feel good that I won’t be using a bazillion baggies or miles of foil to wrap everything up. We just need to practice opening the outer container; it’s a little difficult for him. I’ve bought everything on the school supply list except the cake plates (or paper cups), so I’ll pick those up after orientation next week.

I love how organized the school district is (so far). It is a good distirict, so I shouldn’t be surprised. His teacher has also left a good impression on me even though I’ve not yet met her. Yesterday Jake got a postcard from her basically saying that she hopes he’s having a fun summer and she’s looking forward to meeting him and having a great school year. It’s such a small thing, you know, but it left a big (positive) impression.

Just two weeks from tomorrow!

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  1. Wow, 8:20 would be awesome! It’s going to be rough around here because I know I can’t get Hayley ready without waking Breanna up (and Breanna usually sleeps until at least 8 am). Unfortunately, I’ll have to get Hayley up at 6:30 to be down for the bus by 7:30. By the time Jake gets picked up Hayley will be in school for almost half an hour! 🙂

    I’m figuring at least these early hours will mean a)Breanna napping regularly again and b)Hayley sleeping better at bedtime. At least I hope!

  2. I have never heard of a teacher sending something out like that before… that is really cool… and wow… all did school… I know more and more schools are doing that with Kindergarten… and I love the lunch box… so cool!

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