sure, now the sun comes out

after a rainy day

It was a long, gray, rainy day. It poured. It got humid. It poured some more. And then it cooled off. And then it rained a little bit more. And then, after dinner, after the long, gray, rainy day, the sun finally came out.

Too bad it came out too late to do anything, LOL!

So yes, it was one of those days where we were cooped up inside. I didn’t go to the consignment shop as planned, nor did I go to the grocery store. But I managed to get some cleaning done so all was not lost 🙂 I also looked at some ideas for birthday presents for fathers since Drew’s birthday is later this month. I always like to have the kids give their daddy a little something.

Well, now that the munchkins are all in bed, I think I’m going to treat myself to a scoop (well… maybe two) of some mint chocolate chip ice cream, pour myself a cup of tea, and crochet some roses. I spent all last night trying to figure out this pattern and finally gave up in frustration. I must be missing something, because after four attempts, my flower did not look anything that even vaguely resembled a rose. Luckily, I have another pattern that isn’t as confusing for me! With any luck, there will be photos tomorrow.

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  1. OMG, I also saw the sun come out at the last stinkin’ minute of the day too, like the sun was saying, “Ha ha on you! See ya!” I have so had enough of this long, dreary winter! GAH! 🙂

  2. You captured a beautiful and fleeting moment. 🙂 It’s raining here today too.

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