super what?

The Super Bowl is this weekend, isn’t it? Not only did I have to look up when it was, I also had to look up who is playing. My husband isn’t really a sports fan, so we had no idea. Normally we just skip over it like any other game, but this year Jake has expressed some interest in it. I’m sure plenty of other boys at school will be watching and he’s getting to that stage where fitting in is becoming important. So we’re going to suck it up and have a “Game Day” on Sunday. Lucky for us, a few places online will be streaming the Super Bowl. We don’t have TV (well, we have several TVs actually but not cable or local channels), so ordinarily that would present a major obstacle. But not this year. So we’ll tune in for a while… until everyone gets bored 😉

I’m trying to think of some fun foods to make in lieu of a “real” dinner on Sunday. Maybe I’ll do pigs in a blanket, buffalo chicken dip, and raw veggies. Or maybe some BBQ chicken sliders and cheese fries. I’m not sure yet; I’ll have to consult with the dinner committee 😉

In other news, our calendar is suddenly and quickly filling up with things to do over the next couple of weeks. One highlight will be the Cub Scouts’ Blue & Gold Banquet. Jake is really looking forward to it — he’ll be getting his Wolf badge. Then he can start accumulating arrows (that he’s already working toward). I can see him getting badges for all sorts of things, from public speaking (so far he shows no public speaking anxiety — he loves being in front of people) to knot tying. He might not be cut out for Little Leauge but scouting really seems to be his thing.

We’ve also got a few First Communion-related events including a Seder supper that the second-grade family help host. Will it be impolite not to eat the lamb? LOL, seriously this should be interesting. I have no idea what it entails, but will find out in a couple weeks at our next Saturday meeting. Oh boy, May 1st cannot come soon enough.

Is it bad that I’m already looking forward to the summer when school’s out and all these activities slow down? Sigh…


  1. Lisanne says:

    Wait a minute … you had NO IDEA who was playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday?!? Can we say, root for the Indianapolis Colts??? LOL! 🙂 I *so* hope that they win. We cannot wait to watch the game!

    I know, we have tons of school-related activities going on in the next few weeks for the kids, and they’re just in preschool! It’ll all be fun, but also busy!

  2. Mari says:

    Carol – I’m so glad you stopped by my blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading some posts here and I will be back! You’ve got some great recipes!

  3. jesser says:

    Hehe. Some years I am like you and have no clue, and others I’m cheerin’ with the rest. This would be a cheer year … I like me some Colts (Payton Manning, specifically). I am making the DIVINE buffalo chicken dip from Hungry Girl’s website and probably some other goodies. I enjoy preparing junk food every now and again. 😉

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