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CVS Loot

Originally I wasn’t going to make a trip to CVS, but since I had to go to the post office, which is just down the street, I figured I’d check and see if I could put an order together. I knew that we were out of soda, and the sale was a good one — 5 cases for $11. That comes to a mere $2.20 a case, and a single bottle of soda at the deli near the store is $2! I also picked up replacement cartidges for my Intuition razor. I like having that for travel. It was $9.99, but I had a $4 coupon and got back $6 in ECBs. I also picked up three more Colgate 360s to max out the monthly deal, and I got one more package of the CVS allergy pills (free after ECBs) because they have been working great for me! My only mistake was a minor one — I bought the wrong size Metamucil to get the $1 ECB, but that wasn’t so bad. I had a $2 manufacturer’s coupon anyway.

Also exciting is that the two CVS stores I go to (Rhinebeck and Kingston) now have the CRT scanners in front. So I just swipe my card when I go in and it spits out a coupon or two. Yesterday I got a coupon for $3/$10 purchase of CVS products. I was already buying the allergy meds, cashews, and lollipops, and then when I saw the Reinventing Beauty magazine (which also has coupons inside), I had my $10! So even though I picked up one extra item that was not on my list, I still came out $2 extra ahead, that I had not planned on.

So, all in all I paid $16.79 out of pocket. I used $31-ish worth of ECBs and $9 worth of coupons. I got back $21.76 in ECBs. How did you do? Want to check out some other great bargain finds? Then head over to Super Savings Saturday on Money Saving Mom and CVS Superstars at the “Cent”sible Sawyer

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  1. I just stumbled onto ‘CVS 101’ on another site and was amazed to see Rhinebeck and Kingston mentioned here. I’m a little farther south in the Poughkeepsie area and I’ll be trying the whole CVS thing for the first time tomorrow…we shall see how it goes, I think I’ve got it all planned out :)! Great job on your purchases!


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