Super Person, A Comic by Jake

Last week Jake drew this comic. He was inspired by Ed Emberley’s “Make a World” drawing book. However, he wanted to add his own personal touches to it, so this morning he wrote down the story that goes along with the pictures. I just have to share it!


Page 1: “There he was, trying to step on the girl.”
page 1

Page 2: “But she was safe, ’cause Super Person was on the case.”
page 2

Page 3: “Super Person spread his legs. Then his legs grew and grew. Then he punched the skeleton. The girl cheered.”
page 3

Page 4: “The girl shouted, ‘My Hero!’. Super Person’s cheeks turned red.”
page 4

9 thoughts on “Super Person, A Comic by Jake

  1. Kati

    Great job! That definitely made me smile.

    When I moved out of my parents house they sent with me a box of story books that I had written in elementary school. It is hilarious to look back at them.

    Congrats to Jake! Thanks for sharing.


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