sunday snippets

Last night around 2:30 we were jolted awake. I have no idea what happened, but a car horn blew loudly and either screached their brakes or peeled out; I’m not quite sure. Nevertheless, it was nearly impossible to get back to sleep. So while I was laying there in bed, not sleeping, my mind was racing around from subject to subject. I started getting stressed out about the Christian Seder our church is holding. I volunteered to be chairperson and need a handful of people still to help out with various tasks. Of course, it will get done but in the middle of the night I started worrying that I’d have to do everything (which, of course, I wouldn’t but again — I’m not rational in the middle of a sleepless night).

Then I again started thinking about online degrees. Maybe if I had a business degree I would feel more comfortable managing people. Western Governer’s University offers a program; maybe I should look into it, LOL! After all, I could do it from home. Well, if nothing else I’ll have the experience under my belt for the next time I get suckered into heading up a big project 😉

So yes, I’m tired today. I really need to wash the kitchen floor and I wish I had someone to do it for me. But we have guests coming over in a bit so I really ought to just suck it up and do it. Maybe I’ll throw together some brownies. You know, for a little motivation 🙂

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  1. Our kitchen floor is awful to clean. 🙁 It needs to be done again, but I’m dreading it. Good luck with the seder; I hope it goes well!

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